The runners of the UTMB® are supporting AURAF-TRANSPLANT

in partnership with the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Megève Rotary Club

The Association for the Utilisation du Rein Artificiel (Use of artificial kidneys) in Africa and the promotion of transplants, aims to allow access and development of the care offer concerning  renal insufficiency in Burkina Faso.

Renal insufficiency is a change in the functioning of the two kidneys which means that they no longer filter the blood correctly. Waste and liquids therefore accumulate in the organs.       When the terminal stage of the disease is reached, it is necessary to resort to dialysis because the prognosis for survival of the person is otherwise limited.

To date,  Burkina-Faso has only one dialysis centre. Its capacity to help people is extremely limited, and the breakdown of equipment is unfortunately very frequent. The care of patients, is therefore not optimal.
Furthermore, the monthly cost of sessions is well above the average salary, which also limits the access to dialysis. As Dr Kintega confided: « it is better to suffer from AIDS than from renal deficiency because the treatment for AIDS is free ».
It is a catastrophic situation, those with kidney failure are dying due to lack of dialysis space, faults with equipment, lack of means...

Our objectives are therefore as follow :

  • Overall objective : to contribute to the access and development of the care offer relating to renal deficiency in Burkina-Faso, by the means of educational and/or informative action for the medical corps and patients, for better diagnosis and care of chronic renal disease both on  geographic and economic grounds.
  • Specific objectives : to create and develop long-term viable and autonomous associative dialysis centres throughout the country to facilitate access to renal replacement treatment which patients need.

2016 achievements

  • Evaluation mission on the ground
  • Collection of material (25 beds, 16 generators, 3 arm-chairs ...)
  • Creation of a local office to ensure the continuation of our actions
  • A month-long training in France for a  doctor and a nurse from Burkina-Faso

2017 projects

  • To help to open a second centre in the country in Bobo-Dioulasso (through in country training)
  • To send a container of equipment
  • To open an associative dialysis centre so as to increase the care offer

For this, we need your help and support ! For more information, find us at