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Run and help those who need it

Since the beginning of its time, the UTMB® has always wanted to associate the energy of the event with a spirit of solidarity. Our mountain culture places an importance on human relations and mutual aid. We are impregnated with the famous spirit of 'roped partners' and animated by this willingness to help each other to gain personal victories : to get over a difficult moment, to fight against an illness or to help children grow up and flourish.

So the UTMB® has developed several ways of collecting donations for partner charitable associations. The organisation supports 5 associations directly through a system of contributions made during registration for each of its 5 events. Besides, 140 SOLIDARITY RACE-BIBS are granted to runners who wish to support one of our partner associations by donating 2000€, paid directly or through sponsors in order to raise the sum. Finally, each runner can, if they wish to do so, take advantage of their participation to support an association of their choice by being sponsored so as to show their support for the organisation.

The UTMB® has create strong links with the associations they support, following the implementation of the actions and favouring human exchange between the runners, the organisers and the associations.

Solidarity bibs

290 000 €


Donations at registration
25 000 €



Race bibs and solidarity
Contacts dossards solidaires
Assoc. supported by the organization
Chuma - La Deedi's school

Association Chuma

Chuma is an association created under the law 1901 in 2009, which aims to help different populations in the world.

In 2010, it united with the Indian association Deedi’s Welfare Trust with the aim of:

  • building « Deedi’s school », a completely free primary boarding school of 8 classes,

  • educating and schooling the "untouchable" girls of Bodhgaya, (state of Bihar) aged 8 to 11.

The finances for Chuma's action for  Deedi’s school were obtained through money raised at events organised in Argentière and the Chamonix valley, and from donations and sponsorship.

The objective is each year to build a new classroom with a dormitory, 2 toilets and a kitchen and to assure the running costs, food and lodging for the pupils.


Evolution of the projects over the years

Between 2010 and 2011,  CHUMA has raised 25 000€ allowing the purchase of land, and a cow, as well as the construction of the first stage of the school (classroom, dormitory, bathroom, kitchen and office).

Deedi’s school was inaugurated in December  2011. The first class of 8 girls aged 8 – 11 is operational. This action also supported the recruitment of 9 salaried local people ( teachers, cooks, general staff, guardian etc.).

In 2012, with 15 000€, the project continued the support by the building of a new classroom, and the purchasing of a motorcycle and some chickens...

Since the creation of the boarding school in 2009, our wish has always been that they would be come independent and not have to rely upon western donations. 

That is why, through  solidarity race-bibs, we have bought animals (two cows for their milk, the surplus of which is sold to the villagers of Bodhgaya, and chickens for their good fresh eggs! ) and  ground bordering the school where we have built a guest house  to accommodate volunteers or tourists in exchange for financial or material gifts.

In 2014, the solidarity race-bibs meant that we could build two additional rooms (6 000€), so at present we have 4 comfortable rooms (hot water and mattresses!)

The meagre revenue (but revenue all the same!) which the guest house generates, motivates the Indians to find clients and to publicise it in the tourist centre in  Bodhgaya. This is the first step.

In August 2016 we bought some agricultural land so as to produce our own vegetables and also to give the boarding school the means to be a little more independent. Certainly, it will take a little time before the first harvest is possible, but, we have taken a big step and are very proud of it !

The projects for 2017 :

  • To buy computers and set up IT lessons. Ideally we would like 5 machines. Project cost : 2 500 €.

  • To finish the exterior facades of the school which are brick, certainly a 'vintage' look but unfinished they give a dilapidated look to what is actually new. Project cost : 3000€.

  • We would also like to install a telephone line to give better communication between children and their families and also for guest house reservations, which fills up very quickly. Project cost : 3 000 €.

  • As mentioned above, the guest house only has 4 bedrooms and it fills up very fast. It has become indispensable not only for the financial support but also to accommodate our volunteers who increase in number each year. So, we would like to enlarge it ( 3 bedrooms and 3 shower rooms and a staircase to the first floor). Project cost  : around 7 000 € environ.


For more information and news :

Contact dossards solidaires :
President: Céline Ravanel -

Join our action by running with a solidarity race-bib and together let's build a future for these children !

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