The PTL® (Petite Trotte à Léon) is one of the events on offer within the framework of the UTMB®.
Its conception is original and its unusual specificities distinguish it from other races. The spirit of the PTL® depends upon mental engagement, an adventurous team spirit as well as sporting values and also those of the mountains.

This ultra-endurance pedestrian event leads participants on a large tour of Mont-Blanc (300km and 25000m of ascent), taking high routes, without way-markers on the ground, which necessitates the sense of orientation on and off paths. Each year the route is different to allow for the discovery of the richness and diversity of paths in France, Italy and Switzerland within the Mont-Blanc massif.
The  PTL® is realised in teams of 2 ou 3 inseparable and loyally supportive people, without final ranking. The teams move through a rough, technically exacting and mentally and physically  demanding mountain environment.


With regard to the difficulties inherent to this event, applications are selected from a file of experiences submitted by each established team.

For its 14th year the start of the PTL® is fixed for Monday August 22nd 2022 at 08:00, from the Place du Triangle de l'Amitié of Chamonix. The finishers will be judged in Place du Triangle de l'Amitié in Chamonix, until Sunday August 28th at 16:30, so a maximum time of 152:30.

The proposed course around Mont-Blanc, omnipresent, and its prestigious satellites, is this year still innovative and outstanding. You will cross little known areas, often difficult to access and with the most breath-taking views.


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PTL® regulations


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We intend to be followed by a camping car and to use it as a rest point. Will that be possible?
No! We have been confronted by this problem during previous years. It provoked tensions and it defeats the principle "of complete autonomy» encompassing the PTL®. In 2022 as in previous years: no camping car followers!

We wish to use the services of an assistance team for our refreshments. May this team intervene all along the route?
No! The PTL® must be completed in complete autonomy between the life bases. Assistance teams will be tolerated at the life bases on one condition, that they are not "intrusive". It is strictly forbidden at all other points along the route, including refuges, when passing villages and along the route.

In what form will the GPS tracks of the route be communicated?
The tracks for the route will be communicated in the form of GPX files. So as to be able to read our tracks correctly and to have a precise reading of the route, your device (GPS) must have the capacity to accept at least 20 tracks of at least 5000 points in each.

When will the GPX files of the route be available?
The definitive route will be available 15 days before the start of the race.

What type of crampons are necessary?
This year, we have decided add, to the list of obligatory equipment, an anti-slip system for your safety when progressing on slopes of frozen snow or slight inclines on ice. It is therefore necessary to be equipped with spiked crampons.
Here are some references whose efficiency we have been able to verify:
- model XTR - Yaktrax®
- model Chainsen Light - Snowline
All other systems (spiral, town crampons (studs) …) will not be accepted at the controll of obligatory equipment.

Why a bivouac tent shelter rather than individual shelters?
The shelter is an element of security. Should there be a problem the whole team could shelter, each benefiting from the heat of the others. Note that numerous articles of this type, inexpensive and weighing less than 1 kilogramme are for the sale on the Web. 

Will we need to provide spare batteries for our GPS tracker?
No! In the case of weak batteries the organisation will supply you with spares.

Do the same spares’ sack follow us along the route?
Yes, the same spare bag will be available at each life base).

We are arriving in Chamonix by public transport and have no accommodation there, where can we leave our personal effects?
You just have to entrust your belongings to the organisation before the start of the race and collect them from the PTL® race HQ when you finish.

We would like to make a reconnaissance trip during the month of June will that be possible?
With the snow conditions of a normal year it will not be possible to make a complete reconnaissance trip before mid-July, or even the beginning of August. As from mid-June it should be possible to get to know sections of the route which do not go above two thousand metres. It is always possible to ask us for more information about which areas are feasible.

Mon équipe est inscrite à la PTLTM. En cas de défection d’un des membres, sera-t-il possible de le remplacer ?
Oui, cela sera possible. Le règlement précise que cette opération pourra se faire dans le créneau du 1er au 15 août 2014 (It is always possible to contact us beforehand).

Nous avons l’intention de nous faire suivre pas un camping car et de l’utiliser comme abri de repos. Cela sera-t-il possible ?
Non ! Nous avons été confrontés à ce problème lors des précédentes éditions. Cela a provoqué des tensions et nuit à l’esprit et au principe "d’autonomie" mis en avant par la PTLTM. In 2014 as in 2013 and 2012: no camping car followers!!!

Nous voulons utiliser les services d’une équipe d’assistance pour notre ravitaillement. Cette équipe pourra t’elle intervenir tout au long du parcours ?
Non ! La PTLTM doit se faire en "autonomie complète". Assistance teams will be tolerated at the bases in Champex, Bourg Saint Pierre, Morgex and Petit Saint Bernard on one condition, that they are not "intrusive".

Quand seront disponibles les cartes avec le tracé du parcours ?
"Provisional" maps will be available on your runners file by the beginning of January 2014 at the latest. Taking into account that there could be changes between now and the end of August (snow cover, landslides, rock falls, works, diverse closures…), these maps will only be of an indicative character. The definitive maps will be communicated by the same method a fortnight before the starting date.

 In what form will the GPS tracks of the route be communicated?
Les traces du parcours seront communiquées sous forme de fichiers GPX. Un fichier GPX (tracks) pour le parcours, un fichier GPX pour les WPT. Pour les GPS ne pouvant pas accepter plus de cinq cent points, nous fournirons autant de fichiers cinq cent points qu’il sera nécessaire pour couvrir tout le parcours.

Quand seront communiqués les fichiers GPX du parcours ?

Ces fichiers "provisoires" seront disponibles sur votre espace coureur au plus tard début janvier 2014. Compte tenu des changements pouvant survenir d’ici la fin août (glissement de terrain, éboulement, travaux, interdictions diverses…), ces fichiers n’auront qu’un caractère indicatif. Les fichiers définitifs seront communiqués par la même voie une quinzaine de jours avant le départ.

Pourquoi une tente abri de bivouac plutôt que des abris individuels ?
La tente abri de bivouac est un élément de sécurité. En cas de problème l’équipe pourra au complet se mettre à l’abri, chacun profitant de la chaleur de l’autre. Notez que de nombreux articles de ce type, peux onéreux et pesant moins de 1 kilogramme, sont à la vente sur le web.

Will we need to provide spare batteries for our GPS/GSM beacon?
Non ! En cas de batteries faibles l’organisation procédera au changement de votre balise.

Les mêmes sacs d’allègement nous suivront-ils tout le long du parcours ?
No, because you will be able to leave four spares’ sacks clearly identifiable for Champex, Bourg Saint Pierre, Morgex, and Col du Petit Saint Bernard. These sacks are supplied and you should leave them with the organisation before the start of the race.

Comment seront organisés les ravitaillements dans les refuges, y aura t'il des tarifs préférentiels, les refuges seront ils ouverts à toute heure ?
The organisation is responsible for refreshments at Champex, Bourg Saint Pierre, Morgex, the cols of Petit Saint Bernard and Joly. The mountain huts along the way organise their own tariffs. Huts declaring to be "partenaires PTL 2014" will welcome you day and night (detailed list in your runner’s file ). Experience shows that it is unreal to make reservations. It is always preferable to make a phone call an hour or two hour ahead to announce your imminent arrival.

Nous arrivons à Chamonix en utilisant les transports en commun, ne disposant pas de logement sur place, où pourrons nous déposer nos effets personnels ?
Il suffira de confier vos effets personnels à l'organisation avant le départ, vous les récupérerez au PC PTL à l'arrivée.

Nous désirons faire la reconnaissance du parcours dès le mois de juin, cela sera-t-il possible ?
With the snow conditions of a normal year it will not be possible to make a complete reconnaissance trip before mid-July, or even the beginning of August (in 2013 the snow took a long time to go). As from mid-June it should be possible to get to know sections of the route which do not go above two thousand metres. It is always possible to ask us for more information about which areas are feasible.