Health and good practice

Take care of yourself !

Ultra-endurance requires a very good knowledge of oneself and the desire to push one's limits. But ultra-endurance has an indisputable impact on your body and it is essential to manage one's state of health and listen to one's body to avoid injury or accident. To succeed and a have a good experience of the race on D-day means progressive preparation , requiring the implementation of serious preparation, good management of one's effort and person during the race.

You must, absolutely, avoid self-medication and take advice, if necessary, from a doctor. The UTMB® medical teams are at your side so that your race will be a success and remain a good experience.

Below, we offer you advice in matters of health reflections and the research of our medical teams and experts :

  • Training and race techniques
  • Mental preparation
  • Selection and test of one's equipment
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Diet before and during the race
  • Sleep management
  • Management of one's race and effort
  • Respect the warning signs
  • Post-race recuperation
Suggest a medical study
La nutrition
Le sommeil

Quelques conseils pour gérer votre sommeil

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