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Columbia presents UTMB® Stories - MIND GAME


An ultra race is not only run with the legs, but also with the mind. Trail runners, who concentrate on the gear issues and physical training, often ignore the mental dimension. Yet, it’s the mind that will make or break a race…

« My mental strength made me finish" is something that is often heard in the arrival area of an Ultra like the UTMB®. This basically means that the body has taken a back seat and the brain has taken over. Despite the pain, fatigue, lack of sleep, lassitude and nagging questions that arise from kilometer 60, 80 or 100 ( "What am I doing there? "), the trail runner crosses the finish line.

This happened to Diego Pazos (who held on because he planned to propose his girlfriend on the finish line), it happened to Seb Camus ... to practically all runners in fact. So why is it we don’t spend more time trying to understand how the mind works and how it can help us running?