Community 25/10/2021

UTMB® World Series welcomes HOKA® as Premier level Footwear and Apparel Partner

HOKA® becomes first global Premier Partner of the UTMB® World Series, joining forces to unite the global trail running community a...

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Community 21/08/2020

Lo que está por llegar en la UTMB® for the Planet

Apenas quedan diez días para que los fans del trail y las carreras de montaña puedan inscribirse en las cuatro Carreras Virtuales ...

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Community 03/08/2020

UTMB® for the Planet unites the global trail community

Following the cancellation of the 2020 edition of UTMB® Mont-Blanc due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UTMB® community has neverthel...

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Community 20/07/2020

UTMB® for the Planet, ¡vamos!

Queridos corredores, querida comunidad: Ya podéis inscribiros en las 4 Carreras Virtuales del UTMB® for the Planet, y competir en...

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Community 23/06/2020

UTMB® for the planet, vuestra cita digital y solidaria

Estimados corredores, estimada comunidad, Tras el anuncio de la anulación de la edición del UTMB® 2020 por la pandemia del covid-...

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Community 28/04/2020

Ruth Croft, uncontrollable

It's hard to find someone who can compete with Ruth as she always wins with flying colors. She is from New Zealand and currently l...

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Community 23/04/2020

Michel Lanne, the ibex of Aravis

Performing seriously without taking himself too seriously. That’s Michel Lanne in a nutshell. It is easy to appreciate this fine m...

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Community 15/04/2020

Mimmi Kotka, The Strong Swedish Woman

Mimmi is all about a big smile, all the time, on and off the trails. The Swede became famous in 2016 by winning the CCC®, finishin...

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Community 10/04/2020

Dmitry Mityaev, the Russian Titan

He became famous when he got the 3rd position in the 2018 TDS®: after a thrilling final part of the race, he finished 1 minute and...

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Community 05/04/2020

Audrey Tanguy, the Passionate runner

She became famous when she won the 2018 TDS®, a feat that she was able to repeat the following year on the 145km course. Since the...

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Community 31/03/2020

Hayden Hawks, the American Spirit

Fast, stylish and singular, Hayden Hawks is one of those fiery and enthusiastic American runners who have push the boundaries of t...

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Community 28/01/2020

Runner's questionnaire: the winners of the contest

Following the runners' questionnaire, a draw was held among the respondents. Here is the list of winners: Runner's questionnaire:...

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Community 03/01/2019

We are preparing the 2019 UTMB® with our partners

Three months after the 2018 edition of the UTMB®, the organizing team of the Sommet Mondial du Trail had the pleasure of bringing ...

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Community 18/10/2018

Portofolio : journée en l'honneur des bénévoles

Samedi 13 octobre 2018, sous un soleil radieux, l'organisation de l'UTMB® avait donné rendez-vous, aux Houches, à tous ses bénévol...

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Community 25/09/2018

A family affair

Photos © Jeremy Bernard It is a rare and somewhat exceptional event: two sons, one a professional and the other a semi-profession...

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Community 03/08/2018

Beyond ultra

The description is inspiring, extraordinary, daunting, mystifying… 300 kilometers… 5 days of racing for the fastest competitors… Y...

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Community 23/04/2018

Meet the solidarity runners

This year, 140 runners choose to participate in the World Summit of Trail Running as solidarity runners. They are between 26 and 6...

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Community 28/02/2018

Un nuevo desafió para « La Longe Route des Malades de la SLA » (La Larga Ruta de los Enfermos de la ELA) : la vuelta del Monte Blanco (UTMB)

El 22 de agosto, algunos días antes de la partida del UTMB, un desafió único y altamente simbólico saldrá de Chamonix Monte Blanco...

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Community 03/01/2018

Información sobre las inscripciones a 03/01/2018

Hola a todos y todas, Aquí tenéis información sobre las inscripciones para la edición 2018 del UTMB®. - El UTMB® está lleno al 2...

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Community 27/12/2017

Información sobre las inscripciones a 27/12/2017

Hola a todos y todas, Muchos de ustedes quieren participar en una de nuestras carreras, ¡gracias por vuestro entusiasmo! ¿Cuáles ...

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Community 20/12/2017

Información sobre las inscripciones a 20/12/2017

Hola a todos y todas, Aquí tenéis información sobre las inscripciones para la edición 2018 del UTMB®. - El UTMB® está lleno al 1...

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Community 14/07/2017

4 experts predictions for UTMB®

This year, UTMB® will see the greatest gathering of top elite runners in its history. Kilian Jornet, Zach Miller, Luis Alberto Her...

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Community 06/04/2017

US athletes' conquest of UTMB®

More than two hundred American runners are expected on UTMB® this year. A record of registrations that places the United States in...

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