UTMB® Group está listo para volver a las montañas

Event 20/10/2020

Event 20/10/2020

UTMB® Group está listo para volver a las montañas

- La primera edición de Thailand by UTMB® tendrá lugar en menos de un mes, del 30 de octubre al 1 de noviembre - Panda Trail by UT...

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UTMB® for the Planet: ¡un gran éxito para esta iniciativa!

Se terminó la iniciativa digital y solidaria UTMB® for the Planet. Lanzada tras la cancelación de la UTMB® Mont-Blanc, la UTMB® fo...

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UTMB® International 26/08/2020

Press release April 23, 2020 FR EN Val d'Aran by UTMB® s postponed to July 2021 The organisers of Val d’Aran by UTMB® have take...

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Community 21/08/2020

Lo que está por llegar en la UTMB® for the Planet

Apenas quedan diez días para que los fans del trail y las carreras de montaña puedan inscribirse en las cuatro Carreras Virtuales ...

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Community 03/08/2020

UTMB® for the Planet unites the global trail community

Following the cancellation of the 2020 edition of UTMB® Mont-Blanc due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UTMB® community has neverthel...

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Community 20/07/2020

UTMB® for the Planet, ¡vamos!

Queridos corredores, querida comunidad: Ya podéis inscribiros en las 4 Carreras Virtuales del UTMB® for the Planet, y competir en...

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Community 23/06/2020

UTMB® for the planet, vuestra cita digital y solidaria

Estimados corredores, estimada comunidad, Tras el anuncio de la anulación de la edición del UTMB® 2020 por la pandemia del covid-...

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Event 20/05/2020

UTMB® Mont-Blanc: la decisión que todos han estado esperando

Un mensaje de Catherine y Michel Poletti, fundadores del UTMB® Mont-Blanc Queridos corredores, querida comunidad, Nos gustaría ag...

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Community 28/04/2020

Ruth Croft, uncontrollable

It's hard to find someone who can compete with Ruth as she always wins with flying colors. She is from New Zealand and currently l...

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UTMB® 2008

2008 · Youth takes the lead At just 20 years old, the youngest registered for the UTMB®, Kilian Jornet (ES), wins the race after ...

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Community 23/04/2020

Michel Lanne, the ibex of Aravis

Performing seriously without taking himself too seriously. That’s Michel Lanne in a nutshell. It is easy to appreciate this fine m...

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Event 21/04/2020

Un mensaje de la organización

Cara community, A Querida comunidad, Escuchamos sus muchas preguntas sobre la organización del UTMB Mont-Blanc® 2020, y creemos q...

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TDS® 2011

The 3rd edition of the TDS® In 2011, the weather is once again terrible, but the TDS®, the first race of the week, is spared and ...

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Community 15/04/2020

Mimmi Kotka, The Strong Swedish Woman

Mimmi is all about a big smile, all the time, on and off the trails. The Swede became famous in 2016 by winning the CCC®, finishin...

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Community 10/04/2020

Dmitry Mityaev, the Russian Titan

He became famous when he got the 3rd position in the 2018 TDS®: after a thrilling final part of the race, he finished 1 minute and...

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Community 05/04/2020

Audrey Tanguy, the Passionate runner

She became famous when she won the 2018 TDS®, a feat that she was able to repeat the following year on the 145km course. Since the...

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Community 31/03/2020

Hayden Hawks, the American Spirit

Fast, stylish and singular, Hayden Hawks is one of those fiery and enthusiastic American runners who have push the boundaries of t...

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Event 20/03/2020

COVID-19, update on the situation

Dear community, fellow runners, This is obviously a very challenging time for us all. We are thinking of all of you, citizens of t...

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Preparation 28/02/2020

Registrations: all you need to know for 2021

In April 2019, we announced a new, more flexible and open registration process to access the UTMB® races. This new system has been...

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UTMB® International 28/02/2020

Discover our latest by UTMB® event

The event will be based around the highest mountain in Thailand, Doi Inthanon in the Chiang Mai Province, and at 2,656 metres, it ...

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Event 26/02/2020

We reveal the 2020 poster

The UTMB® renews its collaboration with French illustrator Matthieu Forichon. After the 2019 colorful poster, in his typical style...

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Community 28/01/2020

Runner's questionnaire: the winners of the contest

Following the runners' questionnaire, a draw was held among the respondents. Here is the list of winners: Runner's questionnaire:...

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Update on registrations as of December 31, 2019

Good morning everyone, Here's an update on registration for the 2020 edition of the UTMB®. The UTMB® is now 372% full, there wil...

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Pau Capell and Courtney Dauwalter have been crowned 2019 champions of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour at an end-of-season awards cerem...

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UTMB® International 12/11/2019


UTMB® incrementa su presencia en China con la presentación de su último evento internacional: Panda Trail by UTMB®. La primera edi...

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UTMB® International 10/10/2019


Las inscripciones continúan abiertas para las carreras de 130 KM, 50 KM así como para las distancias más cortas de OMAN by UTMB® q...

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Sport et Développement Durable

Flash Info Spécial ''Sport et Développement Durable'' Publication du Recueil d'initiatives des signataires des chartes des 15 enga...

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Event 16/08/2019

¡Objetivo movilidad sostenible!

Transporte : el UTMB® se moviliza por el medio ambiente ¿Y tú? Durante la semana del evento hemos puesto en marcha un sistema de ...

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Event 20/06/2019

UTMB® continues its commitment to the environment by partnering with WWF France

In 2017, the UTMB® organization committed itself alongside 19 other major organizers of sporting events, to uphold 15 ecological p...

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Registration is now open for China’s and Asia’s most eagerly awaited trail races

Registration is now open for China’s and Asia’s most eagerly awaited trail races Gaoligong by UTMB® 2020 Last year Gaoligong by ...

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Val d'Aran by UTMB®, la nueva prueba de trail-running en el corazón de los Pirineos

Val d'Aran by UTMB®, la nueva prueba de trail-running en el corazón de los Pirineos La primera edición se celebrará en julio de 2...

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2019 Omán por UTMB®: las inscripciones están abiertas y las plazas se van rápidamente!

“Recordaré esta carrera para siempre. Fue una experiencia realmente increíble” Diego Pazos, 1er puesto ex aequo masculino (2018) ...

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Preparation 07/05/2019

Material obligatorio 2019

A finales de agosto, en el país del Mont-Blanc, la meteorología puede cambiar muy rápido. Tanto para vosotros como para nosotros, ...

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Due to the wire maintenance work on the Flégère cable car, pedestrians, mountain bikes and all vehicles are not allowed to use the...

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UTMB® Mont-Blanc revela su nuevo sistema de inscripciones

En los últimos años, el éxito del UTMB® Mont-Blanc ha sido incuestionable: las solicitudes de inscripción han aumentado en un 68% ...

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UTMB® International 26/03/2019

Ushuaia by UTMB® 2019 : the first figures before the event

With no available places left, registrationsfor Ushuaia by UTMB®, the 1st "by UTMB®" race in America, haveconcluded. Here you will...

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Event 06/02/2019

El UTMB® revela un afiche llamativo y único

El afiche del año se presentó durante el día de los socios territoriales en presencia de representantes electos de las municipalid...

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Event 16/01/2019

UTMB® 2019: ¡otra cifra récord de inscripciones!

Con más de 25.000 solicitudes, las carreras del UTMB® generaron, una vez mas, muchísimo entusiasmo. Sin embargo, por razones de se...

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UTMB® International 08/01/2019

UTMB® International: novedades

UTMB® Mont-Blanc La edición 2019 se lanzó con la apertura de las inscripciones (18 diciembre 2018 - 3 enero 2019) del Sommet Mond...

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Community 03/01/2019

We are preparing the 2019 UTMB® with our partners

Three months after the 2018 edition of the UTMB®, the organizing team of the Sommet Mondial du Trail had the pleasure of bringing ...

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UTMB® International 05/12/2018

Omán by UTMB®: una primera edición exitosa

La ruta ofreció cada momento del desafío físico y la belleza natural que se esperaba de ella. Los corredores subieron a la cima de...

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Event 22/11/2018

TDS® 2019, un nuevo recorrido

145km y 9100 de desnivel positivo: aún más emociones, aún más desafíos A descubrir el Beaufortain La edición numero 11 de la TDS...

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UTMB® International 02/11/2018

Registration for Ushuaia by UTMB® opens TODAY

For the first time in history, a trail running event of the UTMB® family will be hosted in South America. And it won´t be just any...

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Event 30/10/2018

Inside the PTL®

The PTL® (Petite Trotte à Léon) is one of the events on offer within the framework of the UTMB®. Its conception is original and it...

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Event 25/10/2018

Columbia renews its partnership with the UTMB® through 2021

The UTMB® is proud to announce that it has signed another three-year partnership with Columbia, the flagship brand in Columbia Spo...

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Community 18/10/2018

Portofolio : journée en l'honneur des bénévoles

Samedi 13 octobre 2018, sous un soleil radieux, l'organisation de l'UTMB® avait donné rendez-vous, aux Houches, à tous ses bénévol...

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Community 25/09/2018

A family affair

Photos © Jeremy Bernard It is a rare and somewhat exceptional event: two sons, one a professional and the other a semi-profession...

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UTMB® International 21/09/2018

Ushuaia, un nuevo destino remoto

Ushuaia, un nuevo destino remoto Entre los países presentes de Sudamérica, Argentina es el que tiene más corredores registrados e...

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Event 10/09/2018

2018 UTMB® - Learning to expect the unexpected

The 16th edition of the UTMB® will go down in the history books of trail running. Several comebacks and the challenging weather co...

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UTMB® International 10/08/2018

OMAN by UTMB®proving extremely popular

The first ever OMAN by UTMB® event is proving a popular choice with the original 300 available places already sold out for the 29 ...

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Community 03/08/2018

Beyond ultra

The description is inspiring, extraordinary, daunting, mystifying… 300 kilometers… 5 days of racing for the fastest competitors… Y...

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Event 31/07/2018

The favorites for the 2018 UTMB®

A month before the event, the state of the favorites' level of fitness has become clearer so it is possible to reveal those who ar...

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Event 22/06/2018

The UTMB® an event involved in sustainable development

Following the engagements agreed in January 2017, within the framework of the GESI (Big International Sporting Events) charter, by...

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Event 11/06/2018

Remuneration for the UTMB® athletes: fair recognition

After having carried out a survey involving the 260 athletes who benefitted from the elite registration which was set up in 2016*,...

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UTMB® International 04/05/2018

Registrations for Oman by UTMB® are now open!

Registration opens on 4 May at 12:00 CET for the first ever OMAN by UTMB® event on 29 November 2018. The all-new OMAN by UTMB®even...

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Community 23/04/2018

Meet the solidarity runners

This year, 140 runners choose to participate in the World Summit of Trail Running as solidarity runners. They are between 26 and 6...

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UTMB® International 05/04/2018

Nouveautés UTMB® Mont-Blanc et UTMB® International

Le 4 avril à Paris, Une conférence de presse commune pour l’UTMB® Mont-Blanc et UTMB® International Le point presse annuel de l’U...

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UTMB® International 15/03/2018

Gaoligong By UTMB® : a showdown on the 3 races

The first edition of Gaoligong by UTMB® came to the end at 14:00 on Sunday the 11th of March. The race finish, historic South Silk...

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Event 28/02/2018

INNOVATION ! 40 km de festivités créés pour les bénévoles et les habitants locaux

Cette épreuve, la MCC est créée pour offrir une expérience de course festive, aux bénévoles, aux résidents de l’Espace Mont-Blanc ...

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Community 28/02/2018

Un nuevo desafió para « La Longe Route des Malades de la SLA » (La Larga Ruta de los Enfermos de la ELA) : la vuelta del Monte Blanco (UTMB)

El 22 de agosto, algunos días antes de la partida del UTMB, un desafió único y altamente simbólico saldrá de Chamonix Monte Blanco...

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UTMB® International 12/02/2018

Gaoligong by UTMB® is in a month!

The largest Chinese trail ultra will be held in a month. The organization can count on a booming local economy, remarkable histori...

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Community 03/01/2018

Información sobre las inscripciones a 03/01/2018

Hola a todos y todas, Aquí tenéis información sobre las inscripciones para la edición 2018 del UTMB®. - El UTMB® está lleno al 2...

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Community 27/12/2017

Información sobre las inscripciones a 27/12/2017

Hola a todos y todas, Muchos de ustedes quieren participar en una de nuestras carreras, ¡gracias por vuestro entusiasmo! ¿Cuáles ...

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Community 20/12/2017

Información sobre las inscripciones a 20/12/2017

Hola a todos y todas, Aquí tenéis información sobre las inscripciones para la edición 2018 del UTMB®. - El UTMB® está lleno al 1...

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UTMB® International 29/11/2017

Gaoligong by UTMB®: a special bonus !

The first by UTMB® event will be held on March 9 - 11 2018 in China, in the Gaoligong mountains which are situated in Yunnan provi...

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Event 03/09/2017

Battle of the titans around Mont-Blanc

The 15th edition of the UTMB® kept every one of its promises thanks to the unbridled enthusiasm and perseverance of the 8000 runne...

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Event 25/08/2017

L'UTMB®, 15 éditions déjà !

La cérémonie de célébration de la 15e édition de l'UTMB® aura lieu jeudi 31 août de 18h30 à 19h30 sur la place du Triangle de l'Am...

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Community 14/07/2017

4 experts predictions for UTMB®

This year, UTMB® will see the greatest gathering of top elite runners in its history. Kilian Jornet, Zach Miller, Luis Alberto Her...

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Preparation 12/05/2017

L'Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® : Ma victoire sur la lombalgie

The book, L'Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc : ma victoire sur la lomblagie, has not been translated into English....

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UTMB® International 28/04/2017

Creation of UTMB® International and GaoLiGong by UTMB®

AUTMB and OC Sport, two sports marketing companies specialising in outdoor events, today announced the joint creation of UTMB® Int...

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Preparation 20/04/2017

Here is the first UTMB® Stories!

On August 1st at 6pm, more than one thousand runners will start running their first UTMB®. Steve will be one of these 45% of first...

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Community 06/04/2017

US athletes' conquest of UTMB®

More than two hundred American runners are expected on UTMB® this year. A record of registrations that places the United States in...

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Event 05/04/2017

UTMB® seen by 5 photographers

For UTMB® blog launching we asked 5 photographers to share their views on the event. Spanish photographer Eduardo Castro, Japanese...

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Preparation 04/04/2017

How to eat on a daily basis to be ready for UTMB® ?

Trail-running is a great way to escape our daily routine but we should not forget that this is an intense and stressful effort tha...

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Preparation 03/04/2017


In 2016, 42.5% of runners engaged in the UTMB® did not pass the finish line, which represents at least 1087 abandonments. And, amo...

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