The results of the draw are online!

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At last the long awaited day came. The results of the draw are online since 10 am. Here is how to have a look at it:

  • From the home page of our website, click on "The results of the draw are online", then enter your name in the List of those registered
  • Or, log in your personal page and enter "My Registration 2018". In the header you will find the status of your registration.

For those who have been lucky at the draw, you will have until january 24th to finalized your registration. For those refused to the draw, you will automatically be reimbursed the 50 euros of pre-registration. For those who wish to register with a solidarity bib, go to your personal page and select Reserve a solidarity, health or environment race-bib 2018. [Editor's note : solidarity, health and environment race bib are now in waiting list]

Reminder: The double chance in the draw is valid the following year on the same race. The priority of registration is valid after two refusals at the draw. To benefit from it, you need to have your qualifying points. For more information, go to

  • For those who wish to register in 2019, our registration conditions (with the number of points requested) will be updated in february.  Stay tuned!

Thank you all for your enthusiasm during the pre-registration period. See you ALL in August!

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