The UTMB® Mont-Blanc is launching the ETC, a 15km race with 1300 meters of elevation gain in the heart of the Italian Alps.

The ETC starts from Courmayeur, an iconic town of the Pays du Mont Blanc. After a beautiful yet challenging ascent of 750 meters of elevation gain, participants will discover the balconies of the Valle d’Aosta region, while enjoying breathtaking views of the Mont-Blanc. The runners then continue on to complete the loop back in Courmayeur.

This new race is ideal for runners who would like to put themselves to the test and be part of the UTMB® Mont-Blanc.

To sum it up, the ETC contains amazing landscapes in the heart of the Italian Alps, a great challenge to enter the trail running adventure and the possibility to taste an authentic pizza just after crossing the finish line.

The ETC is going to take place on Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

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*indice de performance minimum nécessaire pour pouvoir terminer la course dans le délai imparti
Performance Index required to be able to finish the race within the time limit
Indice di performance per poter terminare la gara entro il limite di tempo
Índice de rendimiento requerido para poder terminar la carrera dentro del límite de tiempo.

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