UTMB® a solidarity event

Solidarity and UTMB®

UTMB® a solidarity event

Since the very beginning, the UTMB® has always wanted to associate the energy of the event with a spirit of solidarity.

Our inner mountain culture gives great importance to human relations and mutual aid. It generates the desire to help others win their own battles: to overcome a difficult time, to fight a disease, to help children grow up and be happy.

We also stand in solidarity with the citizens of less privileged countries where access to water, education and training is sometimes difficult.

Solidarity actions are promoted by the Solidarity Committee of the Trailers du Mont Blanc association.

There are two ways to collect funds for partner associations:

Charity bibs and runners' donations during their registration

2020 and 2021 report:


Charity bibs

520 000 €
collected by the associations



Donation at registration
57500 €

The Trailers du Mont-Blanc's charity comittee

The Trailers du Mont-Blanc association's Solidarity comittee

The Solidarity Committee selects the associations and ensures that their projects are in line with the values of the UTMB®. The Committee ensures the diversity of the causes supported and that the associations represent the 3 UTMB® Mont-Blanc countries (France, Italy, Switzerland). The Committee members remain vigilant to ensure the right balance between international, national and local associations.

During the year, they encourage and ease communication  between the associations, runners and the UTMB® organization. For that reason, the Committee is at the core of the charity bibs process.

During the event, they coordinate the actions of the associations and take care of the logistics while promoting their projects. Associations and charity runners benefit from a special welcome from the members and volunteers of the Solidarity Committee, in particular during the race pack collection and the " Solidarity Hour" that the Solidarity Committee co-organizes in their honor.

The Solidarity Committee is chaired by Jacqueline Ecochard and supported by volunteers from the 3 countries crossed by the UTMB® Mont-Blanc: Sylvie Barquant, Jocelyne Guichaoua, Federica Cortese, Michele Tropiano and Léandre Roduit.

The Solidarity Committee meets monthly and maintains close links with the charity associations in order to promote their work throughout the year. The Solidarity Committee is also very active during the UTMB® week so that spectators are aware of  the charity action and all those involved in the charity projects.

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