2021 Registrations

The 2021 UTMB® Mont-Blanc will take place from August 23rd to 29th 2021.

171 km & 10 300 m elevation gain
2 300 runners
Start on Friday 27/08/2021
at 18:00 from Chamonix

101 km & 6 100 m elevation gain
1 900 runners
Start on Friday 27/08/2021
at 9:00 from Courmayeur

145 km & 9 100 m elevation gain
1 600 runners
Start on Tuesday 24/08/2021
at 15:00 from Courmayeur

56 km & 3 500 m elevation gain
1 200 runners
Start on Thursday 26/08/2021
at 8:15 from Orsières

300 km & 25 000 m elevation gain
300 runners
Start on Monday 23/08/2021
at 8:00 from ______

40 km & 2 300 m elevation gain
1 000 runners
Start on 23/08/2021
at 10:00 from Martigny Combe

15 km & 1 000 m elevation gain
300 runners
Start on Wednesday 25/08/2021
at 09:00 from Courmayeur



PTL® entry process

Registration dates

Pre-registration period will be open from 5 to 12 January 2021 during which time the team leader will apply for the entire team.
Each team member must have created their personal runner’s account before the team leader submits the application.
The team's application will be submitted when the payment for the pre-registration (secure online payment) is completed.

Terms and conditions of participation

Only teams of 3 people may apply.
Application must include a file which lists the previous experience of each team member. Technical experience in a mountain environment, sporting background and team motivation will be evaluated.
Each team will be required to complete a self-evaluation form (available from December 2020). Any other additional documents will not be taken into account.

Warning: Having the ability to communicate with the organization team during the event (Race HQ, volunteers, rescue teams...) is essential to ensure the safety of participants. That is why it is mandatory that at least one team member is fluent in French, English or Italian (the languages of the organization). A good level of expression and understanding, including on the phone, is required and will be checked at the race pack collection.
The PTL® Committee reserves the right to prevent a team from starting the race if it considers that the aforementioned condition is not fulfilled.

Self-evaluation form

This form is to be filled in electronically and attached to the application.

File Review

The PTL® Committee will meet to review each file. Only the Committee may take the decision to accept or refuse an application. Its decision is final.

Results of the evaluation process / Lottery

If the number of teams accepted by the PTL® Committee exceeds the maximum number of runners that can be accepted, a lottery shall be carried out. In this case, the PTL® Committee reserves the right to rule out the previously accepted files and to organize a lottery only for the files judged to be the least good or the least seriously completed.
The results of the examination of the files (or of the lottery if it takes place) will be communicated on January 20, 2021 at 10:00 (Paris time) on the list of registered participants and on your runner's account, and confirmed by email.

Accepted applications and selected lottery applicants

If the team’s application is accepted by the PTL® Committee and if the team is selected in the eventual lottery, the team leader has a period of 11 days, from January 20 to 31, 2021 to finalize their registration by paying the balance of the entry fee by credit card.

Rejected applications and/or unaccepted lottery applicants

If the team's application is rejected by the PTL® Committee, or if the team is not selected via the lottery, the entire pre-registration fee will be refunded.



Registration fees

2021 entry fee (announced in November 2020) :

PTL®: XXXX€ per team
The fee includes 4 meal tickets to be used in huts and 2 meals in aid stations, a film specially dedicated to the PTL®, the services described in the rules here, a 1.5€  Eco fee per person to finance the cleaning, repairing or rehabilitation of trails, and 10€  for the 2021 membership of the Trailers du Mont-Blanc association.