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Let's respect this great playground

Ultra-Trail® : l’environnement est une priorité! par UltraTrailMontBlanc


The Mont-Blanc Massif is actually a fragile natural environment to which we must pay great attention. To contribute to the protection of it, we are counting on the engagement of each person. We have the duty of doing all that we can to limit our impact to the minimum.

As the organiser, the UTMB® has developed numerous actions to protect the natural environment and to raise awareness amongst all the players. This is a collective action which involves the organisation, regional groups, runners and supporters, partners and volunteers( Ambassadors for the Environment).

We, ourselves, have formed a Commission for the Environment which guides the projects and we set ourselves ambitious environmental objectives. We are always looking for ways of progressing in this domain and incite everybody to adopt an ecologically responsible attitude.


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Espace Mont-Blanc Ethical Contract

The Conférence Transfrontalière Mont-Blanc (Mont Blanc Cross-Border Conference) and the Association Les Trailers du Mont-Blanc signed the Ethical Partnership Contract which awards the EMB quality label.

In recent years, the Conférence Transfrontalière Mont-Blanc has been supporting actions aimed at reducing the impact of public events on the territory.

The Association Les Trailers du Mont-Blanc was the first to sign a formal commitment for an exemplary behavior, a true ethical contract aimed at achieving the objectives as per the Sustainable Development Plan for the Mont-Blanc Area.

Sustainable Development and Sports Events Charter - Direction Départementale de la Cohésion Sociale 74

In November 2008, the Haute-Savoie department launched a "charter for sustainable development". The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® supports this charter for sustainable development and sporting events. The DDCD acknowledges the work carried out by the organization of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® for sustainable development: 

- Protecting the environment

- Eco-friendly purchasing and production

- Responsible Communication and Awareness Raising

- Fighting climate change

- Social cohesion and solidarity

- Impact assessment

Charte du Plan Climat Energie Territorial
de la Communauté de Communes de la Vallée de Chamonix-Mont-Blanc (Charter of the Climate and Territorial Energy Plan of the Municipalities of the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Valley) 

The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® is committed to sustainable development alongside with the Municipalities of the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Valley in the in order to implement a Territorial Climate and Energy Plan (PCET).

The primary purpose of a Climate Plan is to contribute, on the scale of the territory involved, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt the territory to climate change.

further info : www.cc-valleedechamonixmontblanc.fr