A mythical race, an unique experience

From August 24th to August 30th 2020
Experience an extraordinary adventure in the heart of mont-blanc country

The UTMB® is a trail-running event full of superlatives ! An essential event for trail-runners from all over the world. Each year, the elite of the trail-running world find themselves in Chamonix alongside almost 10 000 runners keen to participate in one of the event's 7 races.

Committing oneself, to running around Mont-Blanc, is above all to experience an internal adventure, an unique experience where each participant will have to draw from their strengths and push their mental and physical limits in order to cross the finishing line. This extraordinary trip at the heart of the massif will permit trail-runners to cross valleys and passes in contact with the most beautiful summits, in an alpine décor which is unique in the world.

To participate or assist with the UTMB®, is to vibrate to the rhythm of the trail-running planet and to share an extraordinary festival at the heart of a territory which has been mobilised for the occasion. 2 000 volunteers from 15 different countries, 18 French, Italian and Swiss communes within the Mont-Blanc country all working for the success of the event and supporting the UTMB® runners. 20 000 supporters who are coming to encourage their nearest and dearest and more than 50 000 spectators who will visit the salon and participate in the animations in all the villages of the Mont-Blanc country.

Rendezvous in Chamonix the last week of August to have live experience of the event !

The UTMB® : 7 events in one


L'ADN de l'UTMB®

L'ADN de l'UTMB®



It is a peculiarity which is totally a part of the event’s history and success. For 15 years the UTMB® has been organized in a collaboration with an association Les Trailers du Mont-Blanc,.

In order to understand this novel organization it is necessary to return to 2004 when an association Les Trailers du Mont-Blanc and a limited company Autour du Mont-Blanc were created, so as to develop together, each with their own domains of competence, the event by allying professionalism and enthusiasm.

Since 2004, 15 people have been responsible for making the association active all year long under the impulse of René Bachelard historic president of the Trailers du Mont-Blanc, and a distinguished runner. From 2006, 3400 people requested a place and 2500 runners were on the starting line. In three years, the number of runners had multiplied by 3! Faced by this influx of requests, the organization decided to offer the first solidarity registrations through an association supported by the race (UTMB® et CCC®). Solidarity, with respect for oneself and others but also equity, are a part of the numerous fundamental values shared by the organization’s team in order to stay on course and to make progress. To adapt to the evolution of the event, commissions were developed within the heart of the association in order to combine the thoughts and ideas. 

So, this is how, according to the needs, the environment commission (2006), the medical commission (2007) and also the solidarity commission, the itinerary commission and the volunteers’ commission came to be set up. Each commission works alongside the organization to respect the values and ethics of the UTMB®.

The solidarity race-bibs were truly successful, and prove that surpassing oneself addresses a collective and humanist dimension as well. By raising awareness amongst the runner's through the intermediaries of ambassadors of the environment and rehabilitating the paths used by the races, the environment commission is working sustainably in order to protect the natural heritage of the Mont-Blanc country. As for the medical commission, it is composed of doctors, researchers and paramedics who contributed to the setting up of the first health policy upon which the QUARTZ program was based. The commission assures that the practice remains healthy and balanced, by organizing research on pathologies encountered by runners and also by improving medical intervention during the event. Adding to that the itinerary commission, responsible for planning the routes for the event (alternative routes, PTL®…), so many parameters and indispensable ingredients for the UTMB®.

Among the actions jointly carried out, by the association and the organization’s team, the integration and management of volunteers play an important part. These actions take place in the commission of volunteers who work intelligently with no fewer than 80 people responsible for different posts, as well as 2000 volunteers, for the success of the event.  With the visible growth of the event the French, Italian and Swiss volunteers come together to experience the adventure. Over the years this has created a big family, and each year the association and the organization’s team arrange days out together on the terrain in France, Italy and Switzerland.

This historic cooperation between the three countries is also seen at the heart of the association, thanks to a co-chair ensured by Léon Lovey for Switzerland, Alberto Motta for Italy and Yann De Seréville for France.