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Compagnie du Mont-Blanc



An innovative digital service to follow and manage endurance race (Trail, Bike, Nordic ski, Triathlon, ect...)
in real time allowing: 

The organizer
to preview racers flow, to manage the information and to detect anomalies thanks to our analysis tools, based on our system of racers estimation at the next checkpoint. This function is recognized by the public and the speakers as very usefull. It's used by very famous command centers like the UTMB® command center.

The public
to follow racers step by step and their ranking in real time on internet. Estimation allow them to anticipate the next step in order to arrive on time on the finish line or at the next checkpoint.


LiveTrail® can be used by everyone on different supports: 

A command center app
100% on internet
to manage the race

A public access
on internet
to follow in live

A mobile app
more usefull on the field
for the public

A mobile app for racers
which help them to prepare and
manage their race and to follow
other racers at the same time

A Facebook app
to allow racers to share
their race step by step
on their wall


LiveTrail® allows to manage as many checkpoints as the organization wants, in any access or network conditions, in town or on top of a mountain, and any flow of racers.   




 To download the apps:

LiveInfo :   
LiveRun :  


 LiveRun app

LiveInfo app