"de Martigny-Combe à Chamonix"

40 km of festivities created for volunteers and local inhabitants.

The runners will leave from Martigny-Combe (Switzerland) along an itinerary to finish in Chamonix. This race has the vocation of strengthening the teams. It is for this reason that the volunteers, as well as the inhabitants of the Espace Mont-Blanc, will have priority for this race. The route of 40 km with no less than 2300m ascent, climbs up through the vines of Martigny-Combe to the col de la Forclaz then the col de Balme will appeal to the participants' uphill capacities and already it has the air of being an eminently festive race with its descent from the col de Balme to Chamonix. This race is the chance for a taster, over a more accessible distance, of the pleasure of participating in the World Summit of Trail-Running. The organisation is ensuring that this new event will be conceived with the same high standard qualities as their other races. By starting on Monday morning, it will only be run during daytime which will mean that each volunteer can join their team for the rest of the week. The event will pass along little known paths and give the participants a route through the most beautiful hamlets in Chamonix's upper valley.

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Who can register for the MCC?

The volunteers
That is to say, those who were volunteers in a significant manner during the 2017 UTMB®.

Local runners
Runners who are defined as local runners are those who reside in one of the communes in the Espace Mont-Blanc (see the list of the communes concerned here).

Runners refused due to the 2018 draw
If there are any remaining places after the registration of volunteers and inhabitants of the Espace Mont-Blanc, runners who were refused due to the 2018 draw may register for the MCC.

When to register for the MCC?

Volunteers and local runners
Registration will be open from March 23rd 2018 until April 2nd 2018. Attention ! You must respect the time period mentioned above, no dispensation will be accorded in the case of delay or of an oversight.

Runners refused due to the 2018 draw
Registration will be open for 24 hours. It will take place on April 13th via the website

How to register for the MCC?

You must contact the person responsible for your post or the UTMB® organisation before the registration period. You will then receive an individual code which will allow you register directly and at a preferential tariff . This code is valid during the registration period of March 23rd 2018 to April 2nd 2018.

Local runners
You have the possibility of registering between March 23rd 2018 and April 2nd 2018. You will have to give your post-code when registering. Proof of residence will be demanded in order to validate your registration. In the case of a false declaration, falsified proof of residence or a downright lie, the organisation will cancel your registration without reimbursing the registration fee.

Runners refused due to the 2018 draw
There will be no draw for registering for the MCC. Places will be open to all runners who were refused by the draw within the limit of the available places . Attention ! The absence of a draw means that the registration requests will be treated in chronological order. That's to say, first come, first served.



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