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Let's respect this great playground

Ultra-Trail® : l’environnement est une priorité! par UltraTrailMontBlanc


The Mont-Blanc Massif is actually a fragile natural environment to which we must pay great attention. To contribute to the protection of it, we are counting on the engagement of each person. We have the duty of doing all that we can to limit our impact to the minimum.

As the organiser, the UTMB® has developed numerous actions to protect the natural environment and to raise awareness amongst all the players. This is a collective action which involves the organisation, regional groups, runners and supporters, partners and volunteers( Ambassadors for the Environment).

We, ourselves, have formed a Commission for the Environment which guides the projects and we set ourselves ambitious environmental objectives. We are always looking for ways of progressing in this domain and incite everybody to adopt an ecologically responsible attitude.


Environmental commission
Environment race-bibs

Dossards environnement

Aménagement de la zone humide de la Sausse (France, 73) - Mise en place d'une passerelle pour éviter cette zone sensible entre le Cormet de Roselend et le Col du Joly

Since the creation of the UTMB® in 2003, one of the event's preoccupations has been the impact of the passage of the trail-runners on the environment. In 2006, the Environment Commission was developed, directed Jean-Claude Marmier. 
For 6 years now, we have been working to renovate paths which are run by the UTMB® :  the Col du Bonhomme path,  Chemin du curé,  la Gittaz path and the wet zone at  la Sausse.
All these actions which favour the environment were recognised by COP21 as they were "remarkable initiatives in the sporting domain".

In 2022, to pursue its projects, the UTMB®'s environment commission will benefit from 10 environment race-bibs to help protect the environmental heritage which offers the UTMB® such a formidable play-ground and go farther along this path which means so much to us!

You can also assist in our projects by wearing an environment race-bib!

President of the Environment Commission, environnement@utmb.world

The process in order to benefit from a solidarity, health or environment race-bib

From December 7th to 19th 2021

  • The runner goes to his runner’s page and clicks on  "Reserve a solidarity/health/environment race-bib ", and choses the association they wish to support and the race in which they would like to run.
  • Once he booked his bib, the donor has one week to make his donation to the chosen association to confirm the reservation of the race-bib.
  • The association informs the UTMB® once the payment has been made.
  • The UTMB® then contacts the runner to give them the special registration procedure.
    In the case where the donation is not made within the time limit, the race-bib will be put back in to play.

- Be careful, since the environmental commission is not recognized as being in the public interest, you can't get a tax receipt
In the event that the maximum quota of solidarity bibs is reached, additional bookings will be put on a waiting list. Runners on the waiting list will be likely to be contacted by the organization later.

Important : A registration via a solidarity/health/environment race-bib is subject to the same regulations as a normal registration (qualifying points, registration fees, etc.) except that the runner doesn’t have to pass via the draw.
The donor may on no account recuperate all or a part of their donation. As from the moment when the runner registers, they are under the same race regulations as the others including the cancellation of their registration, they will be reimbursed a varying sum according to the date of the cancellation.


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Waste management
Raising awareness
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