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The choice of suitable equipment is a key factor in the success of your race. Ultra-endurance requires thorough preparation, including the choice of the equipment that you take with you.

The month of August in the Mont-Blanc area can be very hot (more than 30°C), but it can also be very cold (up to -10°C experienced above 2000m), with rain, hail or even snow. Your equipment must be suitable for confronting all types of conditions and enable you to spend one or two nights on the race route, according to the speed of your progression. In the case of an incident, your equipment must enable you to await help in sufficiently safe conditions.

The UTMB® imposes obligatory equipment which all runners must have with them permanently to avoid risk of penalty. Checks are carried out during the races. We can only encourage runners to also take with them the equipment which is highly recommended, as well as the equipment that we advise them to have.It is essential to be able to adapt your equipment to your reality, test it during training sessions in varying conditions and take everything that will be useful and necessary. Weight is a concern, but don't be too minimalist. Optimise your chances of success and your performance through judicious choice.

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Quel téléphone résistant embarquer pour ma course ?

Which rugged phone should I take with me during my race?

For safety reasons, mobile phones must be taken with you during the race.
You're going to face the cold, heat, rain and even dust. It is therefore recommended to carry a robust, waterproof phone with a powerful battery throughout your race.

Crosscall designs phones and smartphones specifically for sports enthusiasts who compete in hostile and unpredictable environments. All Crosscall phones are IP67 or IP68 certified, waterproof and can resist heavy impact damage. Thanks to their long-life battery, they can be used over several days without needing to be recharged.

The well-known French trail runner Sylvain Bazin prefers Crosscall. "Whether I'm training or running a race, I head off with total peace of mind because I know that my phone has been designed for use in the outdoor environments that I'm exposed to."

The attractive features of CROSSCALL phones and smartphones:



Waterproof, damp proof and dust proof means they can be used when doing sport under any conditions.


Products specially designed for intensive outdoor use, with durable shock and drop resistance.


Long-life batteries mean you can use your phone or smartphone for several days without needing to charge it.

Find just the right phone model to suit your needs at:

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