An exceptional, communal transport system is planned for the competitors and those persons accompanying them in an attempt to limit the green-house gas emissions and particles.

During the UTMB®, the CCC®, the TDS®, the OCC and the MCC, buses are available for:

Taking the MCC runners to the start in Martigny-Combe.
Taking the CCC® & TDS® runners to the start in Courmayeur.
Taking the OCC runners to the start in Orsières.
To repatriate runners to Chamonix or Courmayeur at the end of the race or in case of abandonment.

Conditions of access

Free access upon presentation of race-bib
Reservation specifically for the MCC/TDS®/OCC/CCC®

To take the organisation’s bus to reach the start in Martigny-Combe, Courmayeur or Orsières, you must reserve your place on your runner’s page from June, 2021.