A Chacun son Everest !

The association A Chacun son Everest ! Was created in 1994.
It has the aim of helping children, affected by cancer or leukaemia and, since 2011, women in remission of breast cancer,  " to be better cured ".

Since 1994, 4164 children and 681 women have been welcomed. So many moments of pride, emotion and victory at the summit...

Over 22 years the association has grown, climbing step by step and at the rate of the children and women whom supports over this demanding uphill trip  which exists between sharing hope and realising the dream.

Commitment, aspiration, passion and solidarity are the driving  forces for Christine JANIN mountaineering doctor (First French woman to the summit of Everest - 8848m) and Pr André BARUCHEL (head of the paediatric haematology department at the Hôpital Robert Debré in Paris) who created  A Chacun son Everest !
Values which are also yours and which accompany you while achieving your sporting and charitable challenges.

To engage with A Chacun son Everest ! is being able to offer children and women in remission new summits, incredible hope and a new fervour for life.

Why it is important to support us :

Each year in France, more than  1500 children and 53 000 women are affected by cancer. Almost  75% of children with leukaemia or cancer and women affected by  breast cancer can be cured today.
However, it is still difficult to confront it, to support the treatments, to have a normal life and live with it...

A Chacun son Everest ! Uses the force of the symbolic parallel of the ascension of a peak and that of the path towards recovery.


The week long course in Chamonix allows them

- to regain confidence in their bodies and their capacity ,
- to share this experience with others going through the same experience ,
- to rebuild their self-respect,
- to explain in words their real-life experience of the disease,
- to realise that they have within them unsuspected qualities such as courage,  willingness,  determination,  hope and desire...
qualities of great champions.

A week for a physical and psychological recovery.

The courses are completely at the expense of the association's and there are no costs for the families and women.

Concretely, by taking a solidarity race-bib you finance:

  • The team leaders in the mountains (Guides, mountain leaders…)
  • The cost of the differing activities (Climbing, cable-cars, cani-rando (canine treks)…)
  • Personal costs (Housekeeper, cook, maintenance person.....)
  • Transport costs (SNCF, bus, vehicles…)
  • Food
  • Lodging
  • Follow-up of the trips

In addition to your physical engagement and your support, wearing a solidarity race-bib in the colours of A Chacun son Everest ! is a true message of courage and surpassing yourself which you give to these children and women.
To become more involved  and learn more about the association,you have the chance to accompany the children for a day or so, and to share a great moment with them in the Chamonix house. A moment  you will not be able to forget throughout your race! Register yourselves!

Since 2012, thanks to the solidarity runners, the Rotary Club Mont Blanc Chamonix Megève's great initiative has accompanied more than 76 children along their road to recovery!

The testimonies that you can read here are the best encouragement to help you surpass yourself for them...

"À Chacun Son Everest ! Is not just an association but a great family of  united children and truly formidable adults who will help you to always go higher. After my operation (and even before), I had never felt capable of climbing up 800m. I had never thought I would be able to climb to the top of a climbing wall or even do a canine trek, despite my enormous fear of dogs: for certain it is nothing, but for me, it is an Everest and that's why I find this association brilliant, it encourages you to overcome your fears and transform them into positive assets. I hope that the  À Chacun Son Everest ! Family continue for a long time to allow these children and women to have extraordinary adventures."
Enora – September 2014

"My son had an extraordinary stay, and it is thanks to the on-the-spot team and all those who organised everything from meals to activities not forgetting the organisers, but also memories through photos and videos... it was all perfect.
He has come home transformed, much more confident, it was his first trip without his parents since the beginning of his illness, he was stressed when he left but enchanted and happy  from the first day, your initiative is remarkable  !
You give so much to the children, in the messages that you have sent them,  the difficulties you help them conquer, and with the  complicity which you know how to create between the children during the week of the very strong relationships created  while away.
The mutual help at the heart of the group is all beneficial  evidence for the confidence of each person; you enabled Axel to discover loads of new things, and to share for the first time, I think, all the emotions he has kept to himself over the last two years."
Axel's father– September 2014

"A new breath has been given to me, thanks to you,
I am leaving confident, lighter and happy to be alive.
Plenty of wishes and projects, I will make good use of this new breath.
An big thank you !"

Christine – November 2014

"Thank you for this magnificent week.
I am leaving light and free.
Many emotions, tears and laughter.
My life is just beginning."

Valérie – October 2014

Join the team solidarity race-bibs
Give a stronger sense to you challenge and engage with them !

To find more about our association, rendezvous on our websites : www.achacunsoneverest.com & www.achacunsoneverest-femmes.com

Contact for solidarity race-bibs:
Marie Janin - chamonix@achacunsoneverest.com

You will benefit from reduction of tax on you income of 66% of you donation limited to an annual amount of 20% of your net income and if you are a business, a reduction in tax of 60% of the amount within a limit of 5 per thousand AC net.