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This is the name of the Swiss-Congolese partnership for access to drinking water. A project which reaches out to more than 25 000 inhabitants of BULAPE, a town situated in the centre of of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a community project in which the villagers are actively involved. What a challenge !

The objective, is WATER !

Our aim is to give the population easy access to drinking water. There is water in abundance, but it is too far to fetch it, from the springs, on the outskirts of the town a round trip of more than 6km !  Imagine what it means to transport 25 litres of water on the head several times a day for the needs of the family...


Objective for 2018 : to build four tanks to bring the water to the consumers

After having cleaned around fifteen natural springs, we would like to build tanks to collect rain-water which is of good quality. We would like to reduce the time and the trouble associated with the supply (a more than 2 hour walk between the collection point and the dwellings).  In 2016, we were able, due to seven solidarity runners,  to build two tanks. In 2018, we aim at the construction and connection of two more projects.

To clean a natural spring and supply an additional reservoir costs around 2 500 €
To build a a tank costs around 22 000 €


Our seven 2016 solidarity runners

Christoph GEIGER (SUI), Carlos FRANQUESA (ESP), Dharmesh MISTRY (GBR), Bruno MUELLER (SUI), Guy RAVET, ci-contre (SUI), Fidel SANDOMINGO (FRA), Tarne WESTCOTT (GBR).


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