Le Rire Médecin

The runners of the "Petite Trotte à Léon" and solidarity race-bibs
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Grâce à votre soutien, encore plus d'enfants bénéficieront de notre action !
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For almost 25 years, Rire Médecin have restored the power of play and laughter to children in hospital to help them confront their illnesses. Intervening in 45 paediatric units in 15 hospitals throughout France, the association's 100 professional clowns, each year, give around 72 000 personalised performances to children and their families.

Over and above the simple relaxation and temporary distraction, the clowns contribute to the improvement of the children's quality of life during their stay in hospital, and play down the context in which they find themselves. They establish a real sense of liberty and expression for the young patients and help both parents and nurses to look at the ill child differently.

Thanks to your support, even more children benefit from our action !
To know more, you can find us at www.leriremedecin.asso.fr

Solidarity bibs contact
Emilie Peinch - e.peinch@leriremedecin.org

In 2016, thanks to the “Solidarity race-bib” action, 14 big-hearted trail-runners took the start of one of the UTMB® races. We would like to give them a big thank-you!

If you would like to join this great sporting epic with a sense of solidarity, join us: lesdefisdusourire.leriremedecin.org

A fiscal receipt is issued for each donation. If you are an individual, you benefit from a tax on revenue reduction of 66% of your donation (within the annual limit of 20% of your taxable net income), and if you represent a company,a  company  tax reduction of  60 % of its amount (within the limits of 5 for each thousand of the turnover before tax).