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Fondation de l’Académie de Médecine (FAM) et Fondation Greffe de Vie


Supporting us means supporting the cause of organ donation and fight for a better medicine in the world

The Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine has integrated the actions carried out by the Life Transplant Foundation, dedicated to organ donation.

By running for the Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine you can actively contribute:

For organ donation

To promote the French new law on organ donation to which the Foundation has been committed for several years until its adoption and implementation by January 1, 2017. It will save several hundred more lives per year.

On October 14, 2021, the Greffes + collective (of which Greffe de vie is a member), organized the first National Organ Donation Conference. The purpose of these meetings was to gather and associate all the actors around the sharing and the diffusion of good practices related to organ donation. The objective is to quickly achieve "more removals for more transplants" by collectively making proposals for action to the public authorities that will remove existing obstacles. A Manifesto for organ donation was issued from this event. Find it and the videos of the event here

Spread the « culture of donation ». For us, this is, the most effective way to raise awareness among the general public. We are also working to put organ donation back in the spotlight through awareness campaigns and by encouraging every citizen to become aware of this great cause of solidarity.
On June 22, 2019, at the initiative of the Greffe de vie and the collective Greffes+, the organ donation associations, for the first time united, decided to adopt the "green ribbon" as a symbol of fraternity: "All receivers, all donors".

For a better medicine in the world


The mission of the Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine is to promote French medicine abroad in order to better disseminate cutting-edge French medical techniques and thus improve people's health. Especially in emerging countries affected by new diseases such as obesity and diabetes, or viruses: Ebola, H1N1,... or infectious diseases linked to climate change (dengue fever, chikungunya...). By running for the Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine, you directly support our actions: inform, raise awareness, enable and improve quality care for the population.

In concrete terms, you encourage our 2020 and 2021 projects:

  1. Assist in the training of foreign students in French medical techniques, by building relationships with universities in many emerging countries.
  2. Ensure the sustainability of partnerships and cooperation in medicine, by strengthening our actions with emerging countries: this is already the case in Brazil, China, Mexico, India, recently in Russia and Africa.
  3. Allow open debates on major health topics at the Academy of Medicine: better ageing, sport and health, endocrine disrupters
  4. Set up calls for projects to support associations that help access healthcare in France and around the world: prevention of diabetes, AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, hearing problems.
  5. Broadcast conferences on French advances in medicine, in order to accelerate cooperation with other countries. Via our dedicated channel (, with free access for all audiences.
  6. Expand Emergency Medicine training abroad more widely, particularly in developing countries where the needs are very high (example: India and its many road accidents, China and isolation in its countryside,...).
  7. Promote high mountain medicine.
  8. Assist in the fight against coronavirus. During the health crisis, the Foundation equipped some 30 SAMU helicopters with bubbles (BRAVE) to transport patients and provided 1 million masks to volunteers from 70 small solidarity associations throughout France, through the Masks of the heart operation.
    The UTMB®, an adventure to be shared together!

To book your solidarity bib, please contact Charles Sourice
Charles Sourice - +33 7 86 31 31 82 - +33 1 42 02 70 79 –

As the Foundation of the Academy of Medicine is recognized as a non-profit organization, it will allow you to benefit from a 66% tax reduction on the amount of your donation, up to a maximum of 20% of your income. If you represent a company, the tax receipt will allow you to deduct 60% of the amount of the donation from your corporate tax.

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