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OutDry technology provides the finest waterproof/breathable gear for trail runners who need the best protection from wet weather.  

The OutDry waterproofing system is based on patented lamination processes that bond a waterproof, breathable membrane directly to the back side of a glove’s/shoe’s outermost  layer, creating a one-piece component while sealing the stitching and any other potential water entry points.  OutDry construction eliminate space between layers created by the standard bootie/bladder waterproof construction, where water penetration increase weight and reduce insulation.  

In apparel, the OutDry waterproof and breathable membrane is placed on the outside of the garment for permanent water repellency and durability.  By putting an abrasion-resistant membrane on the outside in contact with the rain, there is no risk of the jacket “wetting out” like others do when their DWR wears off.   

OutDry makes also backpacks 100% waterproof by laminating a custom shaped membrane to the inside of the pack.

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