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The #YCC challenge is open to men and women of all nationalities, who were born between 1995 and 2001 (French Athletics Federation categories cadets, juniors and espoirs).

Each runner declares their knowledge of and accepts the present regulations and agrees to accept them without reserve and to promote the event's ethical charter available at www.utmbmontblanc.com


To validate their registration, each runner must:

  1. supply a specific medical certificate(*). It must be posted on the runner's page before August 20th 2017 (the organisation does not accept medical certificates by email or post). Non- reception of the medical certificate by this date means that the registration will be cancelled and the fee not refunded.
  2. Complete, before August 20th 2017 , a declaration of honour using the on-line form available on the runner's page.
  3. Participants of less than 18 years of age on the day of the race must also supply parental authorisation (the second part of the official form for the medical certificate which is downloadable from their runner's page).

(*) upon registration, each runner will receive a confirmation email with the official medical certificate form attached.


Enrolment exclusively on the Internet and secured payment by banker’s card.

Enrolment fees: • #YCC : 30 € (*)

(*) of which an Eco participation of 1.5€ per person is destined to finance the cleaning, repairing or rehabilitation of paths and which also includes the 10€ 2017 membership of the association of Trailers du Mont-Blanc. 

Engagement fees include all the services described in the present regulations: Racebibs, the two meals (in Chamonix after the prologue and in Courmayeur after the trail, the transportation between Chamonix and Courmayeur on the Wednesday, a tee-shirt UTMB® for all the runners of the challenge.

End of registration on August 20th 2017 


Any person can at the moment of their enrolment subscribe to the cancellation guarantee, averaging an additional charge of 5 € per person to add to enrolment fees on the same payment.
The object of the guarantee is to enable reimbursement of the fees incurred for the enrolment to one of the three races in the case where a runner asks to cancel his enrolment because of the following events:

• an accident, a serious illness or the death of the runner himself/herself.

• a serious illness necessitating hospitalisation or a death one’s spouse or common law husband/wife, one’s parents or one’s children in the first generation, this in the thirty days preceding the event.

In the case of an accident or serious illness to the runner, it is necessary to furnish a medical certificate with signature and stamp of the doctorattesting to the contra-indication to taking part in the race. All other reasons for cancellation must be justified with a certificate signed and stamped by an official authority.

Conditions of indemnity: Any demand for reimbursement must reach us accompanied by the medical certificate, at the last in the 10 days following the event. The demands are treated in the two months which follow the event.


Any cancellation of registration must be made by email or post. No cancellations are accepted by telephone or fax.

In the case of cancellation for a cause described in the paragraph above, the competitor can, if they have subscribed to it at the time of their enrolment, make his guarantee of enrolment cancellation function by sending us with his letter of withdrawal the necessary document (see above paragraph).

If a competitor registered has not taken out the cancellation guarantee upon registration or wishes to cancel their registration for a reason not covered by this cancellation guarantee, reimbursement of a percentage of the registration fee will be made by crediting the bank account associated to the credit card used upon registration in accordance to the following conditions:

Send date

Amount credited in % of the registration cost (excluding charges)

Before March 15


From March 16 to May 15


From May 16 to July 31


After the 31st July no reimbursement can be made

No exchange of race number is possible.