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Taking in to account the success of the event and the very large number of requests, registration for the UTMB® races is governed by two principles : a points system, for runners who have previously completed qualifying races, and a draw.

This system ensures that the runners have the experience necessary to participate in one of the UTMB® races, and it manages the number of participants so that the races take place in good conditions (quality, safety and with respect for the environment).

The organisation offers 4 individual races (UTMB®, CCC®, TDS®, OCC and MCC) and an adventure in teams (PTL®) meaning welcoming almost 10 000 participants coming from 100 different countries.

Those persons not selected by the draw, benefit from advantageous conditions valuable for the same race at the time of registration the following year, which would double their chances. For those who are not selected two years in succession, there is a priority registration (upon the understanding that they have the necessary points).

All the information concerning pre-registration and registration are available below.

International ELITE runners benefit from specific registration conditions on the event according to precise criteria based on their ITRA performance index.

2020 Enrolment
2020 registrations - The solidarity, health & environment race-bibs
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Calculating my number of points

Registration FAQs

Implementation of the new system and transition period

When will the new system be set up?
The new system will be implemented gradually. The new number of qualifying points and the ticket system for the lottery will apply for 2020 UTMB® Mont-Blanc races.(click here to see here 2020 registration conditions) Runnings stones can be collected from 2020 onwards and can therefore be used from the moment registrations for 2021 UTMB® Mont-Blanc races open.

  • I was not selected in the 2019 lottery, do I keep the advantage I had acquired? Runners who benefit from an advantage to register for one of the UTMB® Mont-Blanc races maintain this advantage during the two-year transition period to complete the process they have begun. Runners will keep therefore the advantages they have gained. Ex 1: I benefit from a direct entry for the 2020 CCC® = I can enter this race without going through the lottery in 2020, IF I have gained my qualifying points in the allotted time during the qualifying period. Ex 2: I have a coefficient 2 priority for the 2020 UTMB® = I can apply for the 2020 UTMB® and enter the lottery; my advantage will be taken into account. If I am not selected via the lottery, I will benefit from a direct entry for this same race in 2021 IF I have gained my qualifying points in the allotted time during the qualifying period.

  • What are the advantages of being a finisher of a 2019 by UTMB® event? Finishers of long races of 2019 “by UTMB®” events (FMU for Ushuaïa by UTMB®, 100 miles and 130 km for Oman by UTMB®) can enter the 2020 UTMB® Mont-Blanc without having to go through the lottery (they must have the required ITRA points).

  • Which UTMB® Mont Blanc races are affected by this new system? The UTMB®, CCC®, TDS® and OCC are affected by this new entry process. The MCC remains reserved for volunteers, local runners and partners. Special registration conditions apply for the MCC, the PTL® and the YCC.

The qualifying races

The qualifying points are intended to guarantee sporting fairness and sufficient experience of the runners who wish to apply for one of the UTMB® Mont Blanc races. They are awarded according to the difficulty of the chosen race. Will the number of qualifying points change over the next few years?  No, because the qualifying races are now only used to confirm the experience of the runners. However, the organization has the right to make changes any necessary changes.

The draw

Why do you have a draw ?
We are restricted to a maximum number of  runners per race, not only from an administrative point of view but also by the nature of the route. The trail race takes place along natural paths so it is necessary to take into account that the width of the paths vary considerably and do not therefore allow for a regular flow of runners. As well as the qualifying points we had  to find a method for selecting runners. The draw is a simple solution to guarantee that we are as fair as possible.

Why do you not allow more runners to register?
The principle of the UTMB® is to offer routes along  paths, at times barely more than a simple trace, around Mont-Blanc. To guarantee the quality, by respecting that the runners avoid finding themselves in bottle-necks, but also for reasons of security and with respect for the environment, it is necessary to limit the number of runners at the start of the race.

Reserved places

A defined number of places are reserved for: our partners, international elite runners (based on the ITRA performance index, solidarity race-bibs (donations to charities), health race-bibs (donations to the Ultra Sport Science foundation), environment race-bibs (donations to the association, Trailers of Mont-Blanc, to finance their environment commission’s actions for protecting the environment) and certain journalists (reporting from the ‘inside’), as well as for certain UTMB® volunteers who are very active.

Available places

We calculate the level of overbooking necessary to guarantee, despite withdrawals, that there will be no fewer runners at the start than the fixed limit. So, we know the maximum number of people  able to register and it allows us to obtain the number of runners which we can accept for every race.

Method of the draw

Taking in to account the number of requests for registration and the number of runners who are drawn, this draw has to be made by computer. For this, we use an Excel computer programme and its  "alea()" function (in terms of probability, this procedure is rigorously identical to a classic draw). This function attributes a random number to each runner, which allows for an impartial result.

The event being international, to guarantee equity between nations, the draw is made country by country. The chances for the draw are the same between one country and the next. The proportion of runners pre-registered  by a country is maintained race by race.

What is a ticket?

It is a ticket with your name for the lottery. If you have 2 tickets, your name appears twice (“in the hat”), thus doubling your odds in the lottery vs someone who only has 1 ticket. If you have 3 tickets, your name appears three times, thus tripling your odds in the lottery, and so on.

  • What happens if I am not selected via the lottery?
    If you fail to gain entry, you will get an additional ticket when entering the lottery in a subsequent year and for a race of your choice. Tickets accumulate indefinitely (no more direct entry if you are not selected via the lottery two years in a row ) even if you do not apply every year and even if you do not always apply for the same race. If you are entered in a race at any point your ticket counts will start over at the next lottery.
    Ex: 2020, first CCC® application, 1 ticket and not selected in the lottery
    2021, no application
    2022, application for the UTMB®, 2 tickets and selected
    2023, TDS® application with only one ticket again

  • Is it still possible to register in a group?
    Yes, it is still possible to register for the lottery as a group. A group may consist of runners pre-registered for different races (excluding the PTL®). In this case, the group participates in the lottery for the race for which the percentage of chance of winning is the weakest. A group may consist of runners owning a different number of tickets. In this case, members of the group participate in the lottery with the number of tickets of the member of the group that has the least number of tickets.

Why is registration carried out uniquely by internet?
Taking in to account the very large number of requests, it is the only way that they can be handled efficiently and fairly.

Is there a waiting list?
There is no waiting list. The majority of  withdrawals are made as late as possible, it is not conceivable to participate in a race without having prepared for it. Registration is managed by over-booking, that's to say that we take more runners at registration than there are places available so as to anticipate those who cancel. Like this all runners have the same time in which to prepare themselves.

Can I register for more than one race at a time in order to increase my chances of running?
No, you can only select one race. Any double entry is identified and cancelled.

I was lucky in the draw. Unfortunately I am unable to run this year. Can I transfer my registration to next year?
A positive draw result is only valid for the current year and can not be carried over to the following year.

Registration as a group/couple

I have pre-registered by clicking « registration as a group » but I have not seen where to indicate the other group members. What should I do ?
By clicking « registration as a group », you have obtained a number for the group. This number links together the pre-registrations of a group. However, all the group members must fill-in their own pre-registration files, via their runner's page, by stating this group number.

If  runners benefit from an advantage (coefficient of 2 or priority) and wish to register as a group, there are 2 possibilities:

  • The group is composed of some runners who have an advantage (coefficient of 2 or priority) and of others who don't
    => the runners with the advantage lose it to the advantage of registering as a group, the chances for the group  having a positive draw corresponds to the chances of those runners with the lowest advantage.
  • A group is composed of runners benefitting from the same advantage
    => all the group keep that advantage for the draw.

I am registered as a group member but unfortunately I am injured. If I cancel my registration, am I cancelling the registrations of the other group members?
After the draw, each registration becomes individual; the choice of a runner to cancel their registration, for example, has no affect upon the registrations of the the other group members

Medical certificate

To validate my registration, I must supply a medical certificate. Can my FFA licence replace this document?
Yes, we accept a copy of an FFA licence valid on the day of the race as a replacement for the medical certificate.