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Let's respect this great playground

Ultra-Trail® : l’environnement est une priorité! par UltraTrailMontBlanc


The Mont-Blanc Massif is actually a fragile natural environment to which we must pay great attention. To contribute to the protection of it, we are counting on the engagement of each person. We have the duty of doing all that we can to limit our impact to the minimum.

As the organiser, the UTMB® has developed numerous actions to protect the natural environment and to raise awareness amongst all the players. This is a collective action which involves the organisation, regional groups, runners and supporters, partners and volunteers( Ambassadors for the Environment).

We, ourselves, have formed a Commission for the Environment which guides the projects and we set ourselves ambitious environmental objectives. We are always looking for ways of progressing in this domain and incite everybody to adopt an ecologically responsible attitude.


Environment Committee
Environment race-bibs
15 engagements éco-responsables
Waste management
Raising awareness

Raising awareness

Environment ambassadors

We provide teams of volunteers "on the ground" to inform the public about respecting the rules in natural environments.
These volunteers are also involved in the cleaning of the route before and after the event to measure the quantity of waste generated by the races.

Attention, they are also equipped to penalise you in the case of not respecting the environment.



Optimal use of the internet to limit the use of printed paper : Guide, route maps, forms (bill, medical certificate, ...), are downloadable from each runner’s individual runner’s page...

A particular effort is also made concerning communications aimed at both accompanying persons and the general public. So we are strengthening the conservation by the creation of transport guides.


So as to better understand the natural environment in which you find yourselves, we have created some specific signs. Also, you will see signs informing you of the presence of herds/flocks of animals or naturally fragile zones.


On approaching these zones, pay particular attention to your comportment so as not to frighten the animals: don’t wave your arms or poles, don’t shout and slow down.




Hiking sticks are forbidden in certain fragile sectors to avoid degradation of the site.




Certain routes cross through fenced pastures, please would you close any gates/barriers behind you.



Fragile sectors

You are requested to stay on the principle paths so as to protect the nature around you, avoid aggravating the erosin or disturbing the protected flora and fauna.

Renovation of footpath

2015 :

  • Renovation of the footpath between Plan Jovet and Plan des Dames, in the Contamines Montjoie (74) nature reserve



  • Renovation of the La Sausse (73) wet zone



  • Renovation of the Trient les Jeurs footpath (CH)
  • Creation of a footpath on the top of lac Verney 
  • Creation of a footpath to go to the Col des Pyramides Calcaires (in collaboration with Val d'Aoste)


  • Renovation of the second part of the footpath going to zhr Col du Bonhomme, between le Plan des Dames et le Col, in the Contamines Monzjoie nature reserve (in collaboration with ASTER and les Contamines Montjoie)


  • Rehabilitation of the Tricot path
  • Widening of the path up to the Sapin pass for the CCC®

2021 : 

  • Rehabilitation of the Bertone trail (IT)

2022 Project : 

  • Gateway of the Durnand de la Jure

Actions made by the Referents of the Environment

1 100 km and 40 000m ascent in 6 days. The ambassadors of the environment covered the entire routes twice.
450 km covered by the referents of the environment in getting to know all the routes over 16 days.
98 alpine farmers contacted and met on the ground during the reconnaissance trips

Natural areas