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74 Printer

74 Printer

Specializing in textiles and all which isclosely or remotely to indoor and outdoor event management, 74 Printer offers you marking and mediums adapted to your requirements.

With its Base Camp at the foot of the Les Bossons Glacier (amongst others), 74 Printer invests time all year for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® to make this event as beautiful as possible: arch at the start/finish in Chamonix, event banners, stage back-drop, podium, interview panels, tents, flame banners, totems, marking and printing of all supports, conception and sale of tee-shirts for the event…

We have the know-how to advise you to realise your lay-out and chose the method of marking and supports best adapted to your project.

Arche de Départ/Arrivée à Chamonix
Banderoles & flammes personnalisées

Tente 3x3m

Colonnes et fond de scène
Sacs coureurs, bracelets coureurs, etc.
Compagnie du Mont-Blanc