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The good health of runners is a priority for us. The UTMB® makes every effort to assure the security and medical follow-up of all the runners. Besides, we lead numerous informative and preventative actions regarding the health of runners.

Since the first event in 2003, the UTMB® has looked to maintain the authenticity and fair-play of the sport. The organisation thus set up a health policy associating prevention, information and actions of control, aiming to ensure that the races take place fairly. We encourage the athletes to show the greatest transparency, in an exemplary fashion.

The UTMB® is also tremendous research laboratory for ultra-endurance sports. The scale of the races, as well as the number of participants allow our scientific partners to realise research in optimal conditions, and therefore to better understand the health risks linked to the intense practise of trail-running. This scientific research has led to the publication of numerous papers in the domains of sport, science and health.

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Study on sleep

Dr Rémy Hurdiel Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale, Dunkerque
Dr Patrick Basset Dokever
Dr Mathias Poussel CHU Nancy
Pr Julien Girard CHRU Lille
Pr Denis Theunynck Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale, Dunkerque

After carrying out a preliminary study last year, the Sports’ science researchers from Dunkerque invite you to participate, this year 2014, in a study on the lack of sleep (uniquely runners of the UTMB®).

Objectives of the study

It is a question of observing sleep in a real situation of a race and to estimate the consequences of a lack of sleep by measuring cognitive performance (alterations in the functioning of the brain such as attention, vigilance, memory etc.) before, during and after the race.
The secondary objective is to observe if the score of the morning/evening (are you a morning or evening person?) as the result of Horne & Otsberg’s questionnaire (19 questions) explain a significant part of the interpersonal sensibility to the runner’s lack of sleep.


We intend to include approximately 400 runners or approximately 20 % of the trailer-runners taking the start of this event.
Thus, it means that almost all trailer runners who wish to participate can, and that the higher the number of participants, the more relevant the conclusions.

  • Before the race : recruitment is by email (
  • During the race-bib distribution : you will easily be able to find one of 12 researchers involved on the ground. They will answer all your questions.

Contact and information

To read the complete information, click here
Dr Rémy Hurdiel (Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale)
+33 615906749

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