Your accompanying person's page

Being an accompanying person is another way “of doing the race”, which has its own specific difficulties. The question: “Am I going to arrive too late to see him pass?” alternating continually with very long periods of waiting, or nagging anxiety of “where is he” or “is he OK….?”. The state of stress created by the impression of never being certain, "of not being up to scratch", can create tensions with volunteers at their posts around the route. This certainly does not improve of the situation. For all these reasons, and more besides, we would like to help to make your life before and during the race easier, by advising and informing you so that you have clear and official information as much of the time as possible.

You can join a dedicated accompanying person’s page.
This space will give you access to, as and when it appears, all the information which the organisation provides you with especially before the race, as well as to the services specifically designed to help you during the race itself.
To register, click here.
NB: if you have already been a runner in one of our races, you keep the same login and password for this accompanying person’s page; it will stay the same if you then become a runner in the future.

Before the race

You may download from you accompanying person’s page documents such as the "Accompanying Person’s Guide" and the “Organisation’s general transport plan", which group together all the information which could be useful to you.
Equally you will receive, each month, the newsletter which we send to the runners and which contains important information about the race, the animations, security...

During the race itself

You will receive, free of charge by SMS/ text message, official information which the organisation sends to all the runners and volunteers. In particular, you will receive weather warnings, the last information given to the runners before the start of the race, changes to the race route, changes to time barriers, the state of traffic on the roads…
Access to the payable SMS/text messaging will help you to simplify and improve the following of your runner: a message will be sent each time your runner passes a control point, with an estimation of their arrival at the following village where you may meet them.

You may also work out your travel time from one point to another, make the best choice of your stops, and better equip yourselves (warm clothing, thermos, sandwiches…). So by avoiding any unnecessary stress you will hold on to the best memories of your trip around Mont Blanc.