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Press release 2018

171 km & 10 300 m ascent
2 300 runners
Start on Friday 31/08/2018
at 18:00 from Chamonix

101 km & 6 100 m ascent
1 900 runners
Start on Friday 31/08/2018
at 9:00 from Courmayeur

121 km & 7 300 m ascent
1 600 runners
Start on Wednesday 29/08/2018
at 6:00 from Courmayeur

56 km & 3 500 m ascent
1 200 runners
Start on Thursday 30/08/2018
at 8:15 from Orsières

40 km & 2 300 m ascent
1 000 runners
Start on 27/08/2018
at 10:00 from Martigny Combe

300 km & 25 000 m ascent
300 runners
Start on Monday 27/08/2018
at 08:00 from Chamonix

15 km & 1 000 m ascent
300 runners
Start on Wednesday 29/08/2018
at 10:00 from Courmayeur

Press release 10: Chamonix, August 7th, 2018

On the start line in 3 weeks!

At three weeks before the start of the event, the excitement is mounting in the villages and along the paths of the Mont-Blanc country. The international athletes arrived several weeks
ago to get to know the itinerary.

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Press release 09: Chamonix, July 17th, 2018

Follow the UTMB®, on the ground or from one of the 5 continents… it's possible and easy!

From home, anywhere in the world, or on the ground, the system for following live and the transport scheme set up all around Mont-Blanc allows accompanying persons and spectators from world-wide to follow all the UTMB® live.

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Press release 08: Chamonix, June 19th, 2018

The UTMB® an event involved in sustainable development

Following the engagements agreed in January 2017, within the framework of the GESI (Big International Sporting Events) charter, by 20 French organizations, the UTMB® reaffirmed its engagement to favor sustainable development.

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Press release 07: Chamonix, June 11th, 2018

Remuneration for the UTMB® athletes: fair recognition

After having carried out a survey involving the 260 athletes who benefitted from the elite registration which was set up in 2016*, the UTMB®'s organization has decided to consecrate part of its budget in recognition of the high caliber athletes by installing, as from 2018, a system of remuneration for 4 races (UTMB®, TDS®, CCC®, OCC).

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Press release 06: Chamonix, May 24th 2018

2018 UTMB®: The latest information: what runners and supporters need to know

In almost 3 months it will be time to line-up for the start of the UTMB® races! Three more months and three new items in the regulations which have been added to reinforce the runners' security and invite them to adopt an even more eco-responsible attitude.

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Press release 05: Chamonix, April 16th, 2018

April 4th in Paris, A joint press conference for the UTMB® Mont-Blanc and UTMB® International

With, the first « by UTMB® » having been held in March, the launch of a second event in the Middle East, and the presentation of the specificities of the UTMB® Mont-Blanc, there was plenty to arouse the guest's curiosity.

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Press release 04: Chamonix, March 5th, 2018

2018 UTMB®: Another historical edition in prospect with the best athletes on the planet!

With 70 runners of an international level* 9 of whom with an ITRA performance index of more than 900, the UTMB® is placing the bar very high.

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Press release 03: Chamonix, March 5th, 2018

INNOVATION! 40 km of festivities created for volunteers and local inhabitants

This event, the MCC, has been created to offer volunteers, residents of the Espace Mont-Blanc and partners, the experience of a festive race.

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Press release 02: Chamonix, January 18th, 2018

Once again, a record number of registrations for the UTMB® races!

For numerous runners world-wide, the end of registration sounds the bell for the beginning of the real adventure.

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Press release 01: Chamonix, December 11th, 2017

Looking forward to 2018

After an outstanding 2017 event, everything is already in place for 2018. Registration begins in a few days time! Let the adventure begin!

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