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171 km & 10 300 m D+
2 300 runners
Start friday 30/08/2019
at 18:00 in Chamonix

101km & 6 100 m  D+
1 900 runners
Start friday 30/08/2019
at 9:00 in Courmayeur

145 km & 9 100 m D+
1 600 runners
Start wednesday 28/08/2019
at 6:00 in Courmayeur

56 km & 3 500 m D+
1 200 runners
Start thursday 29/08/2019
at 8:15 in Orsières

40 km & 2 300 m D+
1 000 runners
Start monday 26/08/2019
at 10:00 in Martigny-Combe

300km & 25 000 m D+
300 runners
Start monday 26/08/2019
at 08:00 in Chamonix

15/8/5 km
300 runners
Start wednesday 28/08/2019
at 10:00 in Courmayeur


Press release event n°7 : Chamonix, September 1, 2019

UTMB®2019: The final applause

After Krissy Moehl (2003 and 2009), Nikki Kimball (2007), and Rory Bosio (2013 and 2014), late afternoon yesterday Courtney Dauwalter became the 4th American to win in Chamonix, with a time of 24 hours, 34 minutes.
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Press release event n°6 : Chamonix, August 30, 2019

UTMB®: 2019, a Crowning Year for the Spaniards

At the end of a run in which he led from start to finish, it was the Spaniard, Pau Capell, who won the UTMB®.
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Press release event n°5 : Chamonix, August 30, 2019

Departure of the UTMB®: 2300 runners set off on an extraordinary adventure around Mont-Blanc!

It’s go time, the start everyone was waiting for, the one which makes runners tremble with nervous anticipation and which has had the trail running world in a state of excitement.
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Press release event n°4 : Chamonix, August 29, 2019

The Favorites at CCC®, UTMB®

CCC®: with just a few hours to go before the start, the race could be anyone’s to win, among both the men’s and women’s divisions.
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Press release event n°3 : Chamonix, August 29, 2019

Quick look at the TDS® arrival and the start of the OCC

With 5 different nations among the top 6 (Spain, Russia, France, Norway, and China), diversity and variety of nations are the big winners of the TDS® 2019.
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Press release event n°2 : Chamonix, August 28, 2019

TDS®: The first of the Ultra races of the week gets off!

The TDS® got off to a start this morning at 4am in Courmayeur. As is the custom, the Italian city hosts the start of the TDS®, which is set to be the most technical and difficult race of the UTMB® week.
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Press release event n°1 : Chamonix, August 26, 2019

UTMB® 2019: Off to a Great Start!

This Monday, August 26th at 8:00 am, UTMB® week celebrates its 17th edition with the departure of the PTL® (300km 25,000m of vertical), followed at 10:00 by the MCC (40km 2300m of vertical), the race for volunteers and locals.
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Press release 05 : Chamonix, July 25th 2019

UTMB® at the Cutting Edge of Health Matters

In order to ensure that runners' health is optimally managed during the race, UTMB® has put in place a number of key offerings:
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Press release 04 : Chamonix, June 20th 2019

UTMB® continues its commitment to the environment by partnering with WWF France

UTMB® and WWF France have formalized a partnership with the stated objective of reconciling trail-related activities with the environmental concerns of the Mont Blanc region.
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Press release 03 : Chamonix, April 17th 2019

The UTMB® Mont-Blanc presents its new entry process

The UTMB® race organizers have updated the entry procedure in order to allow for all fans to one day be able to enter the race of their dreams.
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Press release 02 : Chamonix, February 5th 2019

The UTMB® reveals a powerful and unique poster

For the 2019 edition poster, the UTMB® organization chose to work with the French illustrator Matthieu Forichon, also known for Des Bosses et Des Bulles®, which are humorous comics about the trail-running universe.
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Press release 01 : Chamonix, January 15th 2019

UTMB® 2019 : a record number of applications!

Registrations are undeniably one of the most thrilling moments of each new edition of the Sommet Mondial du Trail.
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