2019 mandatory equipment

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At the end of August, in the Mont-Blanc country, the weather conditions can change very fast. For you, as for us, it is a very important factor because the events take place in open country, and at altitudes which oscillate between 1 000 and 2 600 m. In 2017, the 4 seasons invited themselves to the UTMB®. Summer during the TDS® (>30°C), the monsoon for the OCC and a very cold episode during the CCC® and the UTMB®. To be closest to the reality of the terrain and not be unnecessarily burdened, the organization has put together three kits, one for heatwaves, one for cold conditions and the last for bad weathers. These kits are an integral part of the mandatory equipment. Depending upon the weather conditions, they will be activated, or not, by the organization.

Mandatory equipment

  • All runners must have the mandatory equipment with them at all times or face a penalty.
  • Checks are carried out during the races, from just before the start to the finish line.
  • It is essential to adapt your equipment to your reality, to test it during training outings in various conditions and to bring everything that will be useful and necessary to you.
  • In the event of an incident, your equipment must also allow you to wait for help in sufficient safety conditions. The "heatwave", "cold weather" and "bad weather" kits are an integral part of the mandatory equipment. Depending on the weather conditions, the organiser may activate a kit and inform each participant before the start of the race.
  • Each participant must then present his mandatory equipment, including the kit activated by the organizer, to collect his bib.
  • Choose clothing that really provides good protection in the mountains against cold, wind and snow, and therefore better safety and performance.
  • All clothing must be at the competitor's size and without modification after leaving the factory.
  • You carry this equipment in a bag that must be marked when the bibs are handed over and which cannot be exchanged on the race.
  • It is strongly recommended to take with you also the highly recommended equipment, as well as the suggested equipment

Consult the mandatory equipment for each race

Jacket with hood



  • Jacket with hood which will withstand bad weather in the mountains and made with a waterproof* and breathable** membrane
    *minimum recommended 10 000 Schmerber **RET recommended inferior to 13

    • the jacket must, imperatively, be fitted with an integrated hood or one which is attached to the jacket by the original system designed for that purpose by the manufacturer
    • the seams must be sealed
    • the jacket must not have sections of fabric which are not waterproof, but air vents fitted by the manufacturer (under-arm, in the back), since they do not damage in any obvious way the impermeability, are accepted

    It is the runner's responsibility to judge, with these criteria, if their jacket fits the regulations stated and so bad weather in the mountains, but, during a check, the judgment is made by the person in charge of the check or the steward.
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Mobile phone

  • Smartphones are highly recommended for using the different apps (LiveRun), security, support during the race and so that fans can follow you, etc.. However for those runners who will spend more than 15 hours in the race, carrying a battery pack is advised.
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Focus Bring Your Own Utensils

  • The organization will not distribute any disposable cutlery, beakers/cups or bowls at the life bases and refreshment posts. You are asked to carry your own utensils if you wish to eat hot food (soup, pasta... ). Of course those who have no personal utensils can eat cold foods at the refreshment posts.
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Focus lampe et assistance Petzl


  • 2 torches in good working order with spare cells/batteries for each torch are mandatory
    Recommendation: 200 lumens or more for the main lamp
  • This year, there will be no assistance service dedicated to headlamps along the route of the races. You are therefore kindly invited to visit the Petzl stand, at the Salon Ultra Trail, Place du Mont-Blanc. We will be pleased to help you to prepare your race.
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Need more information?

On our website you can find all the information you need to prepare your mandatory equipment, the recommended equipment and various sections to help you prepare your race. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: info@utmb.world

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