Gaoligong by UTMB®: a special bonus !

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The first by UTMB® event will be held on March 9 - 11 2018 in China, in the Gaoligong mountains which are situated in Yunnan province, near the Burmese border. Known for its tea, as well as, for jade and amber, this region is considered to be the “lungs” of China due to the pureness of its air. By entering in to the family of events promoted by the UTMB®, the Gaoligong by UTMB®, agrees to respect the same values as the UTMB® and offers an event based on quality criteria similar to those of the UTMB®.

There are three formats:
MGU : 160km, 8400m ascent, 6 ITRA points
RCE : 125km, 6650m ascent, 5  ITRA points
THT : 55 km, 2350m ascent, 3 ITRA points
Note that the points acquired from the UTMB® or by UTMB® races are valid for 3 years

To celebrate the first by UTMB® event, the UTMB® organisation has the pleasure of announcing that the 2018 finishers of the MGU (160km) and RCE (125km) will be offered a special bonus allowing them to gain one year in the registration process to the 2019 Mont-Blanc UTMB®. So, finishers of the  MGU and RCE who do not benefit from special registration conditions for the 2019 Mont-Blanc UTMB® will gain the same level of advantage as those who have failed in the draw once, while those who were candidates for the 2018 Mont-Blanc UTMB® and were not lucky will gain the advantage reserved for runners who have been unlucky twice.

All information about this event here:

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