News Flash UTMB® Mont-Blanc 2021: serious accident on the TDS® and race is halted

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The UTMB®️ Mont-Blanc race committee was informed of the fall of a Czech TDS®️ runner on the descent of the Passeur de Pralognan at km 62.3 at 00:25. The rescue team present at the top of the pass intervened immediately after the fall. The intervention was completed by a helicopter rescue. The runner’s emergency contacts have already been informed.

As a result of this accident and the rescue services deployed, the race was halted at the Passeur de Pralognan. The runners located at the Passeur de Pralognan, and further back, have been instructed by the race committee to turn around and go back down to Bourg Saint-Maurice where they will be met and transport has been organised.

Additional information will be communicated early in the morning.

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