Michel Lanne, the ibex of Aravis

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Performing seriously without taking himself too seriously. That’s Michel Lanne in a nutshell. It is easy to appreciate this fine man who has managed to combine his passion for mountain and trail running with a certain French art de vivre. When he is not skiing or wandering around the Aravis range, this first-aider and gendarme of the Annecy PGHM wins some great classics, such as his two magical victories on the CCC® and TDS®.

Here’s the portrait of this fun mountain lover.


  • Victory on the 2016 CCC®
  • Victory on the 2017 TDS®
  • Victory on the 2019 Maxi-Race



- Have you started any new physical activity during the quarantine?

Well yes, I took out my old Wii console! That's how bad it is!!


- Is there anything fans don't know about you?

To complete the question above, in fact I've done nothing else but hang out from my couch to my bed, chilling on the balcony a few times...
Because in fact, despite all my precautions, I've caught Covid-19... so these last few days I've been pretty much in the non-effort management business! (Interview from March 21).

- What's your best trick when you're "down" during a race?

I start thinking about when I'm going to have a burger and a beer right after the finish! And I think of some super cool and good moments to keep my spirits up!


- The worst thing to do the night before a race?

I think I've tried everything... ! So it's hard to say ! I've already had a party, eaten fast food, spent the night working as a first-adier, had a holy communion meal... in short, every time the night before is busy, the next day my performace isn’t that bad!

- What's your favorite food? Your favorite pornfood?

I really love big dripping burgers! It's my weakness, or rather my strength! It prevents me from getting tired while racing!

- Your favorite band and the song you sneak out to listen to?

I listen to everything, but I like classical music... no I'm kidding! I'm more a lounge electro type myself!

- A passion/hobby that has nothing to do with trail running?

I love making origamis! Just kidding.
But on the other hand I love working with wood, making my furniture, my beds, decorating my house! I love DIY, it's great !

- Is there an elite trail running athlete who inspires you in your practice?

Absolutely not! I don't know any of them anyway!
Yes, of course, there's plenty! But François D'Haene remains my best inspiration! On a human and athletic point of view, he gave me a lot and always inspired me to do better.

- What is the best memory of your career?

Definitely my victory on the CCC® in 2016! I was in good shape, but I had never allowed myself to dream of winning a UTMB® race! And I experienced the most beautiful emotions that a runner can dream of living throughout the race, especially with the fans at the finish line...
And I even had the chance to live the same emotions the following year by winning the TDS®!

- An atypical aspect of your personality?

I'm constantly, all the time, in a hurry... Except while I’m working and have to go out for a rescue! Luckily, you'll say!

- A particular ritual before a race?

Trying not to miss the start... that's the most important thing, isn't it? I've already missed the start of a race three times! Actually, each of those time I've ended up performing well, but it's a shame when you find yourself alone on the starting line, chasing after the whole pack!

- Over the 30 days before your last UTMB® race, what mileage, number of hours and meters of elevation gain have you completed?

It's hard to say, I'm not a great training mathematician. And then with my job, it's on/off! Either I work and I can't run, or I am not at work and run a lot! Let's say an average of 15h/8.000m+ per week. And then 20h/10.000m+ over a few lucky weeks!

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