Mimmi Kotka, The Strong Swedish Woman

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Mimmi is all about a big smile, all the time, on and off the trails. The Swede became famous in 2016 by winning the CCC®, finishing 14th in the overall ranking. The following year, she returned to Chamonix and won the TDS® finishing in 10th position in the overall ranking. This introspective girl is currently one of the greatest distance runners of the world. Out of the 33 races in which she took part, she scored 22 podiums, including 15 victories. This makes her 12th in the ITRA women's world ranking, and 2nd in the Swedish women's ranking. This year, she is going to be at the starting line of the UTMB®, joining many other top-level athletes.


  • Victory on the 2016 CCC®
  • Victory on the 2017 TDS®
  • Victory on the 2018 MIUT



- Have you started any new physical activity during the quarantine?

I do some shorter jogs around the house and some indoor biking. But it’s not much compared to “normal”. It is ok, we need to adjust to this situation and help each other out as a community. Training has to be put in perspective these days.


- Is there anything fans don't know about you?

Well, probably that I’m a great home renovator/decorator. My husband and me have renovated apartments, summerhouses and a villa. It’s a huge interest and we do everything our self. So, you can ask me about how to cast a concrete floor, plaster walls and set tiles. 


- What's your best trick when you're "down" during a race?

Eat. Preferably something you’re not sick of…


- The worst thing to do the night before a race?

Oh, besides not sleeping because you’re too nervous… Stressing about not sleeping because you’re too nervous! Don’t worry, you’ll be fine as soon as the race adrenaline kicks in no matter how bad you slept the night before.


- What's your favorite food? Your favorite pornfood?

Cured salmon, new baby potatoes and dill sauce, homemade berry crumble as dessert too please! But there is so much tasty food, and French food is so good, a warm croissant, oh my…


- Your favorite band and the song you sneak out to listen to?

In our home the music god is an artist called Panda Da Panda, yeah, you never heard of him I’m sure. He’s a Swedish electro artist and poet that sings in a heavy southern accent. And Robyn, everything she does is good. 


- A passion/hobby that has nothing to do with trail running?

Cooking, it is mediation and everyday joy. I’m a healthy foodie!


- Is there an elite trail running athlete who inspires you in your practice?

There are too many to mention! But I have had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with some of the coolest trail-, ultra- runner and adventure women around, so I get inspired all the time. Rory Bosio is special though, her sparkling personality and unreal results at UTMB is beyond inspiring.


- What is the best memory of your career?

Impossible to choose one but the finish line in Chamonix during UTMB week is always special.


- A particular ritual before a race?

Yeah, I have special clothes and gears that are my “race kit”, putting them on means business.


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