Dmitry Mityaev, the Russian Titan

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He became famous when he got the 3rd position in the 2018 TDS®: after a thrilling final part of the race, he finished 1 minute and 43 seconds behind the winner. Last year, Dmitry excelled in the new TDS® course (145km 9100m D+) finishing 2nd. It's quite simple: when he takes the start of a race, he's never far from the lead. He gained 27 podiums, including 14 victories: a record as big as his thighs. He is one of the 10 best runners in the world, when it comes to a race that lasts more than 12 hours. His results allow him into the group of 33 elite athletes with a 900 ITRA score! This year, he's going to run the TDS® again, which he hopes to win, before undertaking the UTMB®.

Portrait of this 1m84 Russian titan, who likes fruit and eating (a lot) before a race.


  • 2nd of the 2019 TDS®
  • 3rd of the 2018 TDS®
  • Victory on the 2019 Ultra Pirineu



- Have you started any new physical activity during the quarantine?

I'm lucky, I have a treadmill and a few months ago we bought a smart turbo trainer for bike, as well as weights, dumbbells and a lot of everything that I can use for training. Therefore, I did not have to invent new exercises, I always tried to train in a variety of ways and used all this before.


- Is there anything fans don't know about you?

Everyone thinks that my legs are so big from exercise, but I will tell you a secret, the more hours a week I run, the bigger my muscles become, from strength training they do not grow at all.


- What's your best trick when you're "down" during a race?

I never compete with my rivals, I go out to the race and try to beat myself, my opponent is my head and if I can cope with myself, then I will implement my form and the race will be successful.


- The worst thing to do the night before a race?

Make a very hard training session before the race, many cannot stop and continue to train, I think this is the most common and bad mistake. And so many bad things can be done, such as stop eating or drinking a lot, as many in the last days before the race are afraid to gain weight.


- What's your favorite food? Your favorite pornfood?

I love cheese, so I like to spend time in France. I eat a lot of fruit, a lot. I don't eat bad food or alcohol, I'm just used to eating like this and I don't want bad food.


- Your favorite band and the song you sneak out to listen to?

I like rap, but I don't have a favorite band.


- A passion/hobby that has nothing to do with trail running?

I like to take photos, make videos, I like it very much.


- Is there an elite trail running athlete who inspires you in your practice?

Yes, of course. My teammate Adidas TERREX Luis Alberto, I ran with him in many races, most of the time I watched him a lot and learned a lot from him.


- What is the best memory of your career?

Transvulcania for me always seems to be a fast and difficult race and when I was able to be second in 2018 and 2019, it was a great emotion for me, but probably the most difficult and interesting race for me was TDS® 2018, where I was able to take the lead a few km before the finish, but in the last meters I gave away the victory and became only third. It was very interesting and cool to feel all this. Well, there are races that are emotionally valuable to me because of their complexity and beautiful landscapes. I ran High Trail Vanoise 4 times and won 2 times - these mountains are just amazing and very difficult - it's a very cool emotion.


- An atypical aspect of your personality?

I am very big, my height is 184 cm and weight is 80-83 kg, probably this is my main difference, I have been like this since I was 15 - 16 years old. Many wonder how is it possible to run with such weight, but it's easy enough in the mountains, but not so easy on a flat, though I ran a marathon a couple of times on the highway and even once in 2 hours 26 minutes, still in the mountains easier.


- A particular ritual before a race?

In the last 3 days I eat a lot. This is my only ritual. And to be honest, it is not, I just go to the start and try to get emotions from every meter of the race.


- Over the 30 days before your last UTMB® race, what mileage, number of hours and meters of elevation gain have you completed?

In the last 30 days, I've started doing fewer hours than I normally would, but I've added more quick workouts. I did 69 hours in the last month with a climb of 31,000 meters, in the winter months I can train more than 100 hours for example.


- Why did you decide to run TDS® again instead of UTMB® this year?

I really want to run UTMB®, but after 3rd and 2nd place in previous years, I still want to try to win, and then run UTMB®. But even if I don't win TDS® this year, it won't be a big disappointment for me, it's important for me to get emotions from the race and winning is just a nice bonus.


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