Hayden Hawks, the American Spirit

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Fast, stylish and singular, Hayden Hawks is one of those fiery and enthusiastic American runners who have push the boundaries of the sportHis victory on the CCC ® three years ago propelled him among the best trail runner athletes and for good reason, he broke the record of the race (10:24)Wasked some questions to this young father who is also the fourth best American trail runner in the ITRA ranking.   


  • Victory on the 2017 CCC®
  • Victory on the 2018 Lavaredo Ultra-Trail
  • Victory on the 2020 Black Canyon Ultras 100k



- Have you started any new physical activity during the quarantine?

I have put more cycling into my training routine during this period. I recently bought a new bike indoor trainer and got onto Zwift. I am not the best cyclist, but I am getting a lot better with more time at home on the trainer. If anyone wants to race or train let me know! I am hoping this will make me a better climber and build my leg strength for downhill running as well.


- Is there anything fans doesn't know about you?

I used to play baseball growing up at a very high level. I was on a team that almost qualified for the Little League World Series. It was my life growing up and I traveled all over the United States to play baseball against many professional baseball players today. Baseball is still a big love for me, and I enjoy playing catch and watching a game! I am also a huge basketball fan! Go Utah Jazz!


- What's your best trick when you're "down" during a race?

Just keep moving forward! Even if you have to crawl on your hands and knees, keep forward momentum and know that you will come out of the low. Others are probably feeling just as bad as you and you just need to keep moving forward like they are until it’s your time to break out of it and shine! I also love some shots of Coca Cola to help get me out of that tired feeling!


- The worst thing to do the night before a race?

Eat a very big meal! This will just make you feel bloated and heavy! You want to feel light on race day and keep the same routine that you have been doing in your training! Don’t stress, just treat it like any other training run!


- What's your favorite food? Your favorite pornfood?

I love any type of Mexican food! I eat a lot of burritos, tacos, quesadillas, chips and salsa, and gallons of guacamole! Top that off with some Oreo ice cream or an Oreo shake with bananas and I am a happy man!


- Your favorite band and the song you sneak out to listen to?

My favorite artist right now is Gregory Alan Isakov. This is perfect soft Indie Folk music when you are running around in the mountains or just chilling at home. I love his songs “Big Black Car”, “San Luis”, and “Stable Song”! I am also a fan of Drake for when I need to get pumped up before or during a big race.


- A passion/hobby that has nothing to do with trail running?

I love fly fishing. My dad and I go to Alaska every year to go salmon fishing. This year we are hoping to salmon fish in Iceland. This is a favorite hobby of mine. In fact, I love any type of fishing. Nothing more peaceful than casting a line onto a calm river with no one around you.


- Is there an elite trail running athlete who inspires you in your practice?

An elite trail running athlete that inspires me would probably be Jim Walmsley. Jim comes from a similar background as me. He is fearless and is always finding ways to improve himself. Although he is my competitor and I will try my hardest to always beat him, he is also an inspiration and motivates me to train even harder and never let my guard down! My toughest competitors are also my biggest inspiration!


- What is the best memory of your career?

Winning the CCC® 100k in 2017 was the best memory of my career. It happened two weeks after the birth of my son and came after some tough races at Transvulcania and World Champs that year. It was a turning point in my career and gave me confidence that I could race against anyone and anywhere in the world! It was an awesome experience and something I will always remember.


- An atypical aspect of your personality?

I thrive for competition and pain and can’t live without it! I love feeling uncomfortable and putting myself in stressful situations!


- A particular ritual before a race?

I always take a shower the morning of and comb my hair, give my wife and son a kiss, and shake the hands of my biggest competitors!


- Over the 30 days before your last UTMB® race, what mileage, number of hours and meters of elevation gain have you completed?

Before a big race I usually will do around 130-150 miles (210 et 240 kilometers) a week with 20,000-30,000ft (6,000-9,000m) of elevation gain. I won’t give up my speed workouts though and believe it’s important to always keep that turnover and some flat running in your training even for a race like UTMB®!


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