2019 Oman by UTMB®: the registrations are open and places are leaving quickly!

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“I will remember this race forever.
It was really an incredible experience”
Diego Pazos, Joint 1st Place Male (2018)

Oman by UTMB® is a runner’s dream – a trail run along mountain top ridges, through villages, palm plantations, deep wadis and narrow gorges. After a special debut last year, Oman by UTMB® returns on the 28th November 2019 with three distances available for runners to choose from. With the new qualification criteria for UTMB® in Chamonix, runners completing the 130KM or 170KM distances in Oman will bypass the lottery and have a guaranteed entry for UTMB® 2020.


Starting in Al Hamra, runners will have to overcome more than 2,300m of climbing, with almost 2,000m featuring in the first half of the race. From the course’s highest point at Qiyut, is a run along the plateau to the check point at the top of the W8 Trail, where competitors will start their descent to the finish line.

ITRA points required: 0
ITRA points earned : 3



Runners will once again take on the heights of the Green Mountain, Jebel Al Akhdar. The trail run runs through ancient, deserted villages and traverses plateaus, navigating stunning ridges and beautiful wadis, before a final descent into the traditional mountain village of Misfat Al Abriyyin leads to the finish.

 ITRA points required: 4
ITRA points earned: 5



This trail run is designed to be one of the most technical routes runners will ever attempt. Athletes taking on the epic challenge will follow the 130KM route up Jebel Al Akhdar - including the vertical climb out of Balad Sayt - before proceeding along the plateau and following a trail around Jebel Shams, where the route climbs to an altitude of almost 3,000m.

 ITRA points required: 5
ITRA points earned: 6


“I have never enjoyed a culture so much as the Omani people…
This was by far my most favourite experience I have ever had”
Meredith Edwards, 3rd Place Female (2018)

OMAN by UTMB® offers a rare chance to engage with the ancient Arab world. Oman's towns retain their traditional charms and cultural values remain at the heart of the warm Omani welcome. With an abundance of natural beauty, the Sultanate is the obvious choice for those seeking out the modern face of Arabia while still wanting to sense its ancient soul. 2019 will again deliver on the UTMB® promise of spectacular and safe courses with high-quality organisation and support for runners, their families and supporters. For more information about the event, the country and much more, click on the button below and take a look at the event website.


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