Ushuaia by UTMB® 2019 : the first figures before the event

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With no available places left, registrationsfor Ushuaia by UTMB®, the 1st "by UTMB®" race in America, haveconcluded. Here you will find all the information you need in order to know more about this great community that will join you, from April 5 to 7, at the End of the World.

Destination : the end of the world

1.000 runners, 40% of whom are international runners, will be participating in the event, representing 28 nations:
Germany | Argentina | Australia | Austria | Belgium | Brazil | Chile | China | Colombia | Ecuador | Spain | United States | Estonia | France | Hong Kong | Italy | Ireland | Mexico | Oman | Netherlands | Panama | Paraguay | Peru | Poland | Puerto Rico | Great Britain | Uruguay  | Venezuela

The 10 international delegations with the largest representation*:

  1. Brazil (51,6%)
  2. Chile (12,5%)
  3. France (10,7%)
  4. Ecuador (9,9%)
  5. Uruguay (6,4%)
  6. China (4,4%)
  7. United-States (1,9%) 
  8. Hong Kong (2,2%) 
  9. Great-Britain (1,8%)
  10. Paraguay (1,8%) 
    (*) Percentage of runners considered over the total number of international participants

The choice of the courses

The LCT course (50 km) has more than 30% of the registered runners. Next is the ELT course (35 km), the FBT (70 km) and finally the FMU (130 km).


vertical gain of 8.200 meters

Starts on Saturday, April 6
(start 4:00 am)

6 ITRA Points,
valid for 3 years for registrations to
UTMB® Mont-Blanc


vertical gain of 5.400 meters

Starts on Saturday, April 6
(start 7:30 am)

4 ITRA Points,
valid for 3 years for registrations to
UTMB® Mont-Blanc


vertical gain of 3.000 meters

Starts on Saturday, April 6
(start 7:30 am)

3 ITRA Points,
valid for 3 years for registrations to
UTMB® Mont-Blanc 


vertical gain of 2.400 meters

Starts on Saturday, April 6
(start 6:30 am)

2 ITRA Points,
valid for 3 years for registrations to
UTMB® Mont-Blanc

The repartition by gender

Still a minority in the world of trail running, but with increasing numbers, women reach 31% of the total registrations. The course to which more women have enrolled is the ELT (where almost half of the runners are women). In the rest of the courses, the percentage of women decreases as the distance increases.

The elite runners

Several international elite runners* will participate in Ushuaia by UTMB®. Among them, Rory Bosio from the United States, Meredith June Edwards (US), her companion Jason Schlarb (US) and Santos Gabriel Rueda from Argentina,have already confirmed that they will run in this amazing event. In addition, numerous runners from all over the world with great recognition (both at national and international level) will join them. We give a warm welcome to all of them and hope that they willenjoy the End of the World!
(*)International elite: runners with more than 800 ITRA Points (for men) and 700 ITRA Points (for women)

Runner's age

Among all the participants in Ushuaia by UTMB®, the average age is 43 years. The oldest runner, aged 73, is registered in the FMUcourseand has experience in the Mont-Blanc mountains. What a greatexample!Among women, the oldesttrail enthusiasts are between 66 and 68 years old.As for our youngest, theyare between 19 and 21 years old.The category with the most registeredrunners: the LCT course for men between 40 and 49 years old.

Finally, the locals

Among all the participants inthe event, there are more than 150 runners who livein Tierra del Fuego. Their presence gives us great joy, because they will contribute with their expertise in the field and proudly represent this extraordinary Argentinian Province.

We invite you to enjoy the End of The World with us!
For information about Ushuaia by UTMB® contact

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