Reserve a solidarity, health or environment race-bib

Participating in the UTMB® while showing solidarity is possible. From the 11 associations supported, choose the cause for which you wish to surpass yourself and prepare for. By donating 2000€ to the association of your choice, you have the possibility to participate in the 2020 UTMB®. The registration period, December 3rd – 16th 2019 is open. Go on, give a sense of solidarity to your UTMB® adventure!

How does this work ?

From December 3rd to December 16th 2019

NB: In the event that the maximum quota of solidary bibs is reached, the additional bookings will be put on the waiting list. Runners on the waiting list will be likely to be contacted by the organisation between 23 December and 8 January.

Important : A registration via a solidarity/health/environment race-bib is subject to the same regulations as a normal registration (qualifying points, registration fees, etc.) except that the runner doesn’t have to pass via the draw.
The donor may on no account recuperate all or a part of their donation. As from the moment when the runner registers, they are under the same race regulations as the others including the cancellation of their registration, they will be reimbursed a varying sum according to the date of the cancellation (see race regulations).

I am selecting the association to which I wish to give my donation.

Solidarity bibs

If all the solidarity bib are already taken, you have the possibility of joining a waiting list. When a solidarity bib becomes available, the first runner on the list will automatically be contacted by email. You then have two days to go to your runner's page in order to select your association. During this period, you are the only one who can select an association. If you do not do so the second runner is contacted.

Health and Environment Bibs

Health and environment bibs are not subject to the waiting list. You can therefore reserve them as long as they appear as available.

I am selecting the race in which I would like to participate

By sending this request for registration I agree to contact the choosen association and respect the rules established about the atribution of solidarity, health and environment bibs if a place becomes available.
HelpLine : +33 (0)450 534 751
9:00-12:00 / 14:00-18:00 (Paris time)