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Vibram® is the world leader in high performance rubber soles for outdoor sports, fashion and work safety footwear, resoling, and orthopaedics. For over 80 years, the yellow Vibram® logo has stood for quality, performance and safety. Since 2007, Vibram® has been a partner of the UTMB®, a close-knit team that shares human values of passion, solidarity, humility, respect for nature and the environment. For more information, visit:


Vibram is the benchmark rubber sole for trail-running. Over short, medium and long distances. It has developed Megagrip, a rubber formula unrivalled in terms of its grip on slippery terrain and rocks, thus making technical passages – both uphill and downhill – much safer. Megagrip rubber soles are available on many brands and models of shoes:

Vibram innovation on the move! Megagrip and Litebase join forces, making for a sole around 30% lighter but still with the same great performance! Vibram Litebase means “lightness without compromise” when it comes to grip, traction, and resistance to wear-and-tear. So for similar shoes and soles, Litebase cuts the weight by up to 30-40 grams per shoe (60-80 grams per pair). On short trails (such as the Vertical Kilometer) and long trails alike, Vibram soles equipped with the dual Litebase-Megagrip technologies offer an unbeatable advantage.
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The Vibram Sole Factor truck returns to Chamonix from 24 to 27 August 2021 for the Ultra-Trail Show, with its on-board Litebase “roadshow” so you can find out more about the technology, measure the exceptional lightness of the sole and resole your own trail-running shoes with it. This free service is only available by prior reservation. Only one real commitment will be required, that of seriously testing the technology and providing precise technical feedback to Vibram by the set deadlines.
For technical reasons, the number of pairs of footwear we can resole is limited; book now online:

Women in Sport. Watch the poignant documentary film about the female athletes of “Trailrunning Team Vibram” as they recount their daily life and how they juggle family, job and running in the mountains. Two ways of life – as a woman and as an athlete – sometimes at odds but which in reality are completely interdependent. A transformative symbiosis that makes them unique. Simple women who decide at a given moment in their lives to achieve extraordinary things, to embark on new journeys with vigour, determination, and commitment. Even to the point of feeling “her lifeblood coursing through her veins”, as one of the women says.
“Duality” will be screened in their presence in Courmayeur and then in Chamonix during the UTMB week. More information on the schedule, locations, dates and times:

Taking part in ultra-endurance races like the UTMB® means you will need to be well equipped to deal with its varied and demanding trails, sometimes in difficult weather conditions. “Trailrunning Team Vibram” runners recommend shoes with Vibram Megagrip soles and the right technical clothing!