Ruth Croft, uncontrollable

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It's hard to find someone who can compete with Ruth as she always wins with flying colors. She is from New Zealand and currently lives there ; quite simply, she is one of the best trail runners in the world. She became famous by winning the 2015 CCC® - finishing 8th in the overall ranking - during the UTMB® Mont-Blanc week. Since then, she prefers shorter races. Among other things, she won the OCC two times, in 2018 and 2019. Out of the 41 events she has taken part in, she has scored 33 podiums, including 19 victories. She is currently in 3rd position in the ITRA world ranking. Let's get to know this talented and passionate young woman.


- Victory on the 2018 & 2019 OCC 
- Victory on the 2015 CCC® 
- Victory on the 2018 & 2019 MB Marathon



- Have you started any new physical activity during the quarantine?

I panic purchased a pull up bar the day before we started lockdown in NZ, so that is my new "goal". Although, in New Zealand we are fortunate as we can still go outside to exercise as long as we keep it local, so we have just adapted my training to that. 


- Is there anything fans don't know about you?

I lived in Taipei, Taiwan for five years and can speak conversational Chinese. 


- What's your best trick when you're "down" during a race?

Firstly I always eat and drink something. When I get in a negative space it is normally because I have fallen behind in nutrition. Otherwise, if that doesn't work I try and break the race into manageable chunks, for example just focus on the climb ahead, or getting to the next aid station etc. I always like to remind myself that everyone is going over the same course, and that races aren't over until the finish line.  


- The worst thing to do the night before a race?

Forget to set your alarm for the morning. 


- What's your favorite food? Your favorite pornfood?

Avocado, salmon, and dark chocolate (preferably not together). 


- Your favorite band and the song you sneak out to listen to?

Sublime, and the song Wrong Way, it was the first CD I ever bought back in the day.


- A passion/hobby that has nothing to do with trail running?

A friend got me into the Wim Hof method and so when I am back in NZ we have breathing sessions and ice baths, or find cold rivers to go in. It's a really good test for mind and you feel amazing afterwards. 


- Is there an elite trail running athlete who inspires you in your practice?

Judith Wyder. Judith came on the trail scene last year from orienteering. She is so strong, and a downhill ninja. I think the level for the women has increased in the last couple of years, which is also really inspiring and helps raise the bar. 


- What is the best memory of your career?

CCC® back in 2015. I was pretty new to the whole trail running scene and it was my first Chamonix experience. 


- An atypical aspect of your personality?

I can sometimes be a bit too obsessive, and lack the ability to chill out...I'm working on this though.


- A particular ritual before a race?

Eating three hours before a race, and coffee is a must ....don't want to be carrying any unnecessary extra weight.  


- Over the 30 days before your last UTMB® race, what mileage, number of hours and meters of elevation gain have you completed?

It was on the lower side for me with 80-90km, approx 2,000m. Since I do shorter races I have quiet a few events during the European season and so my mileage drops a lot as I am either tapering or recovery from races. 


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