Courses and reconnaissance

Get yourselves ready for the UTMB®

Approved training courses to prepare you

* avec l’UCPA : programme complet de stages d'initiation ou d'entrainement au trail

Several formulae:

  • UTMB® reconnaissance course
    You are registered for the UTMB® (or have it in mind) and you would like to get to know the route. This course will allow you to do the route in four stages. Each day, 30 to 55 km and 1500 to 2900 metres ascent.
  • CCC® reconnaissance course
    You are registered for the CCC® (or have the idea in mind) and wish to get to know the route. This course allows you to do this in 3 stages. Each day, around 30 or 45 km and 1500 to 2500 metres ascent.
  • TDS® reconnaissance course

Find the complete list of Trail-running courses run by UCPA Argentière at !
umerous courses of 4 - 7 day formats for trail-running beginners, improvers...

* with Vincent Delebarre

Thanks to the courses run and led by Vincent Delebarre himself (3 UTMB podium and winner in 2004 and a high mountain guide), you can evolve along the route of your choice, while profiting from the advice and experience of mountain trail-running specialists. Courses for the  UTMB since 2004 ! or 39 courses sharing experience !There is no doubt that you course will contribute to putting chance on your side !

  • UTMB® Course : The tour of the 'bump' in four stages at the rhythm of the race respecting time barriers. The block of training will give you the necessary basics, for finishing, throughout the tour in the mountain environment. Note; included in the service; a welcome to the area the evening before, with an important briefing and help for being serene at the start of the first stage  !
  • TDS® Course : This course takes place over three days, with logistical support and assistance, as well as a friendly welcome the evening before in Chamonix.
  • CCC® Course : The semi-tour of 'the bump' in 2 stages at the race rhythm and respecting the time barriers.
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