El evento

Una carrera mítica, una experiencia única

Del 27 de agosto al 2 de septiembre de 2018
Vive una aventura extraordinaria en el corazón del macizo del Mont-Blanc 

¡El UTMB® es el evento trail de todos los superlativos! Una cita incontestable para los trailers del mundo entero. Cada año, la élite del trail mundial se da cita en Chamonix así como cerca de 8.000 corredores apasionados por participar en una de las cinco carreras del evento.

Lanzarse a la carrera alrededor del Mont-Blanc, es ante todo vivir una aventura interior, una experiencia única en la que cada participante deberá esforzarse y superar sus límites mentales y físicos para cruzar la línea de llegada. Este periplo extraordinario en el corazón del macizo permitirá a los trailers atravesar valles y collados en contacto con las más bellas cimas, en un escenario alpino único en el mundo.

Participar o asistir al UTMB®, es vibrar al ritmo del planeta trail y compartir una fiesta extraordinaria en el corazón de un territorio movilizado para la ocasión.. 2.000 voluntarios provenientes de 15 países diferentes, 18 municipios franceses, italianos o suizos del País del Mont-Blanc trabajan para el éxito del evento y apoyan a los corredores del UTMB®. 16.000 aficionados que vienen a animar a los suyos y más de 50.000 espectadores visitan el salón y participan en las animaciones en todas las poblaciones del País del Mont-Blanc.

¡Venid a Chamonix la última semana de agosto para vivir la aventura en directo!

El UTMB® : 1 evento, 5 pruebas


History of the last years


Sherpa for a first
For this first year, runners may chose to stop the race and be classified at Courmayeur, Champex, or push on to Chamonix. In Dantesque conditions (rain, cold and hail), the Nepalese Dawa Sherpa and the American Krissy Moehl are winners of the complete tour which only 67 runners manage to complete.


Delebarre on his own
Vincent Delebarre is the new winner of the UTMB®. He gives the Chamonix Valley the pleasure of seeing a “local boy” on the highest step. He becomes the Valley’s running club’s first trainer and introduces the pleasures of trail-running to numerous members. The Swiss woman Colette Borcard adds the UTMB® to her list of wins.


The pioneers
Christophe Jacquerod wins the 3rd event. Following the example of the winners of the first 2 races, the Swiss man is one of the big characters of the time. For the women, we discover the British Elisabeth Hawker, who today holds the record in all categories for podium places (6) for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®.


4th UTMB® and... 1st CCC®
After a perfect management of his race which left him kilometres in the lead, the victory of the Italian, Marco Olmo, made an impression because of his age (58). One could think therefore that this is a sport reserved for the “over 40s”. As for the women, it was the French lady, Karine Herry, who won after a great race. Meanwhile, for the 1st CCC® Corinne Favre stole the title for 1st woman and 1st overall.


The madness of Mermoud
In the lead until la Fouly… Nicolas Mermoud let go of the reins after Champex and Marco Olmo’s inexorable regularity gave him, at 59, his 2nd UTMB® victory. As for the women, Nikki Kimball is the 2nd American to take the title of the event which is so different from those organised at the other side of the ocean. In the CCC® we see the 1st places on the podium being taken by Julien Chorier (FR) and Andrea Ursina (CH).


The young take the lead
At just 20 years old, the youngest registered for the UTMB®, Kilian Jornet (ESP), wins the event after escaping from everybody at Les Contamines and opens the world of ra to the young runners. Lizzy Hawker climbs for the 2nd time on to the top step of the podium. In the CCC® Guillaume Lenormand (FR) and Lucie Colquoun (GB) occupy the first places.


An additional race, the TDS®
This year is marked by record temperatures (28° to 30°C). Everybody waits to see Kilian Jornet who confirms his domination and easily takes possession of the top step. For her 2nd participation, a 2nd victory for Krissy Moehl. The CCC® allows the Swiss Jean-Yves Rey and the French Chantal Bègue to share the top of the podium. Patrick Bohard (FR) and Fernanda Maciel (ESP) win the 1st TDS®.


Capricious weather conditions
It is not yet raining when the runners set off at 18:30… But the perturbation evolves faster than expected: torrents overflow and stone falls render the mountain impractical. The race is stopped. After a second start, the next day, from Courmayeur, the winning duo are British : Jezz Bragg and Lizzy Hawker. Xavier Thévenard and Maud Giraud dominate the CCC®. The TDS® is cancelled.


Relentless weather conditions…
The weather (again) obliges the organisers to delay the start to 23:00 and to lengthen the race in order that it can “pass”. At mid-way the race leaders: 3 Spaniards Jornet, Karrera and Heras, and Sébastien Chaigneau from the Haute Savoie, are not going to let go until Martigny. Kilian escapes to pass the the finishing line alone. For the women, «Queen» Elisabeth Hawker has her 4th victory while in the CCC® Emmanuel Gault and Virginie Covignon (FR) celebrate. The TDS® is won by Franck Bussière (FR) and Jolanda Linschooten (NL).


The weather conditions "forbid" access to Italy
Once again excruciating weather creates dantesque conditions (snow, cold, hail...) without hope of improving. An alternative route in France is organised during Thursday night (110km with 5600m ascent). It is almost night when the pack set out and it is still night when François D’Haene (FR) crosses the finishing line in Chamonix. Less than 2 hours later, another victory for Lizzy Hawker. The CCC® takes place in extremely rough conditions and sees victories for Tofol Castaner Bernat (ESP) with 42 minutes advance on his adversary and Ellie Greenwood (UK). In the TDS®, the victories were for Dawa Sherpa (Népal) and Agnès Hervé (FR).


A wind of renewal
Profiting from exceptionally good weather conditions the Jurassien, Xavier Thévenard, and the Californian, Rory Bosio, gave flying performances, thwarting all the forecasts for the UTMB® at the same time terrifying the stop watches. Xavier confirmed his exceptional talents and stands out on his first attempt at the UTMB®, while Rory is the first woman to make the complete tour in less than 23 hours. While Catalonia and Spain celebrate the victories of Jordi Bes (CCC®) and Arnaud Julia Bonmati (TDS®) the French girls Caroline Chaverot (CCC®) and Nathalie Mauclair (TDS®) confirm an exceptional 2013 season.


The birth of the little
Helvetic sister Rain and sunshine, the ingredients of an excellent “vintage”. François D’Haene (FR) and the American Rory Bosio cross, for the second time, the UTMB® finishing line in Chamonix as victors. The TDS® lets Xavier Thévenard have the success of a trio of wins climbing to the top step of the podium having conquered those of the CCC® (2010) then the UTMB® (2013), while Teresa Nimes Perez (ESP) claims the women’s 1st place. The CCC® sees Pau Bartolo (ESP) and Anne-Lise Rousset (FR) claiming their 1st places. As for the 1st year of the OCC, with an impressive line-up of athletes, is marked by the victories Nicolas Martin (FR) and Sonia Glarey (IT) of the Courmayeurs Trailers.


Scorching weather
After a wet Monday for the start of the PTL®, all the other days of the week were marked by sunny and scorching weather unusual for this time of year. Xavier Thévenard (FR) took his 4th vistory at the event, his 2nd for the UTMB®. Nathalie Mauclair (FR), the world champion was on the top step of the women’s podium. As for the CCC®, it was the American, Zach Miller, who was on the top step alongside the New Zealander, Ruth Charlotte Croft. After having won the CCC® in 2014, the Spaniard Pau Bartolo was the winner of the 2015 TDS®, while the Swiss Andrea Huser won for the women. In the OCC, in which the world champion Sylvain Court participated, the victory went to Marc Pinsach Rubirola (ES) 3rd the year before, while Celia Chiron (FR), first participation in the event was 1st placed first for the women.
The PTL®, after a serious drenching at the beginning of the race , was run under blue skies with temperatures varying between 28° and 33°. The thermometer dropped very little at night. 17 teams out of the 115 registered completed the totality of the route within the time.


A stifling event, with twists and turns !
The UTMB® proposed a scenario of incredible race. The victory, was indecisive right up until the end, eventually going to Ludovic Pommeret (FRA) who realised a heroic race, gaining one of his most resounding successes. Same suspension in the women's race where Caroline Chaverot (FRA) and Andrea Huser (CH) experienced a combat of more than 25 hours. Michel Lanne won the CCC® realising one his dearest objectives, while for the women, Sweden revealed a new athlete, Mimmi Kotka. Under the generous sunshine, the Spaniard Pau Capell won the TDS®, outstripping another Iberian, Yeray Duran. Delphine Avenier, a local runner, had the advantage on the American Meredith Edwards. By gaining the victory of the OCC, with quarter of an hour in advance of his pursuer, Xavier Thévenard (FR) is the first runner to have a victory four 4 of the UTMB® events. The Spaniard Mercedes Arcos was 1st woman.