The organisation's buses

An exceptional, communal transport system is planned for the competitors and those persons accompanying them in an attempt to limit the green-house gas emissions and particles. Let us, together, avoid these races, in the middle of nowhere, engendering an immense swarm of cars around Mont-Blanc.

Accompanying persons

During the UTMB®, CCC®, TDS® and OCC, buses are available so that those accompanying runners can go and watch their runners in all the villages along the race route without using their personal vehicles (see the map opposite).

Access conditions

Unlimited Pass (from Wednesday morning)
30€ per person
Free for the children under age 15 accompanied by a parent

Sales & Reservations

  • On www.ultratrailmb.com
    Before August 17th!
    It will be necessary to collect the tickets from the appropriate stand at the distribution of race bibs.

  • In Chamonix
    For sale at the welcome chalet at the Grepon car-park, as well as at the race-bib distribution and Information points.

  • Reservation specifically for the TDS®/OCC/CCC®
    To take the organisation’s bus to the start in Courmayeur or Orsières, your runner must have reserved your place on their runner’s page.


During the UTMB®, the CCC®, the TDS® and the OCC, buses are available for:
  • Taking the CCC® & TDS® runners to the start in Courmayeur.
  • Taking the OCC runners to the start in Orsières.
  • To repatriate runners to Chamonix or Courmayeur at the end of the race or in case of abandonment.

Conditions of access

Free access upon presentation of race-bib

Reservation specifically for the TDS®/OCC/CCC®

To take the organisation’s bus to reach the start in Courmayeur or Orsières, you must reserve your place and that of those accompanying you on your runner’s page.
Taking into account the possibility of having to wait for buses during the night and the possibility of difficult weather conditions, this system is really not recommended for very young children.

Schedules are indicative because they will be adapted during the event according to the constraints of the organisation and possible traffic problems.

The "PC-TRANSPORT" (organisers) in Chamonix and Courmayeur are at your disposal throughout the race to advise you.

Priority for access to buses is as follows:
  1. Members of the organisation (volunteers or organisation) – when moving around between posts -
  2. The competitors
  3. Accompanying persons
  Pets are not encouraged on the organisation's buses; each driver has  the right to refuse them on their bus.
If those accompanying you choose to use their personal vehicle to follow your race, suggest that they find others to joint them to optimise their journeys!

Bus timetable

Download the Mobility Guide