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The UTMB® is a great trail-running festival. During the week and on the route of the 5 races, all the event's players are mobilised to ensure that runners and their supporters have an extraordinary experience.Supporters and families have numerous tools and plans at their disposal allowing them to follow the races in the best conditions.

Follow the evolution of each runner live through LiveTrail, information which can also be posted on the runners' Facebook pages or be sent to you via text message (SMS). On each runner's page find the video sequences of their passages in front of the webcams installed along the route and at the finish.
Experience the race live via the webcams installed at the main points of passage, the finish and in the Family Zone behind the finishing line.
From Wednesday to Sunday, you can follow all the key moments of the races on UTMB® TV with numerous live broadcasts, and on social media(Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).

In Chamonix itself and along the route, everything is done to facilitate the access for families and supporters : exceptional means put in to place for TRANSPORT so as to limit the use of personal vehicles and so reduce our impact upon the environment. On our website you can find, and download, the Mobility Guide which has al the necessary information.

So that you may support your runner while respecting the equity of the races, assistance to runners is subject to strict rules which are explained, below, in the regulations.

Supporters may also consult numerous pieces of information on their dedicated on-line page. Registration is simple and quick and it allows you to receive all the official information sent by the organisation via text message (SMS).

Everything is done to simplify following the races whether on the ground or from home.

To follow the race
Accompaniment & assistance



Runners, upon registering, have agreed to respect the rules. Those accompanying them must take care not to get on the wrong side of them regarding their commitments at the risk of their being penalised.

Your accompanying person's page

Being an accompanying person is another way "of doing the race", which has its own specific difficulties. The question: "Am I going to arrive too late to see him pass?" alternating continually with very long periods of waiting, or nagging anxiety of "where is he" or "is he OK...?". The state of stress created by the impression of never being certain, "of not being up to scratch", can create tensions with volunteers at their posts around the route. This certainly does not improve the situation. For all these reasons, and more besides, we would like to help to make your life before and during the race easier, by advising and informing you so that you have clear and official information as much of the time as possible.
You can join a dedicated accompanying person’s page.
This space will give you access to, as and when it appears, all the information which the organisation provides you with especially before the race, as well as to the services specifically designed to help you during the race itself.

To register Click here.

Before the race

Download the "Mobility Guide" from your accompanying persons’ page which has all the relevant and useful information that you will need.
Receive the newsletter which is sent to the runners each month and which contains all the important information about the race route, the animations, security...

"Assistance" Tickets

The "Assistance" tickets are given to the runner in the race-bib envelope
1 ticket per assistance post
1 ticket = 1 person 

During the race

Free SMS (text message) service = official information that the organisation sends to runners and volunteers:

  • weather warnings
  • last minute advice given to runners
  • modifications to the race route
  • modifications to the time barriers
  • state of traffic…

Payable SMS (text message) = to follow a runner:

  • information about the passage of your runner through the control points
  • estimation of their time of arrival at the next village

Being better informed, you can:

  • better judge your time travelling between one point and another
  • better choose your stages
  • better plan of the material which you will need (warm clothing, thermos, sandwiches…)
  • better profit from the event.


You will find, throughout the villages along the race route, the possibility of eating typically regional dishes. The refreshment posts are designed for the competitors and are therefore reserved for them. In Chamonix, you may share the post-race meal with your runner (ticket 12€) and participate in the closing buffet (ticket 15€, free for accompanied children, under 10 years). The tickets, limited in number, will be on sale at the entrance upon presentation of your runner’s race-bib.

Accompaniment and assistance 

Personal assistance is tolerated only at certain refreshment posts(*), in the zone specifically reserved for this use, upon the presentation of an "Assistance" ticket (see below) and upon the agreement of the chief of post. This assistance can only be assured by one single person, without specific equipment other one than one bag of a volume of 30 litres maximum. Assistance given by a team professional, or any other professional person, medical or paramedical – even if they are a parent - is strictly forbidden.

(*) Personal assistance is tolerated at the following posts :
UTMB® : Les Contamines, Courmayeur, Champex, Trient, Vallorcine
CCC® : Champex, Trient, Vallorcine
TDS® : Bourg St Maurice, Les Contamines


It is forbidden at all other refreshment posts and all other points along the race route.

OCC : no assistance is allowed at any point along the race-route

Accompaniment along the route outside the clearly marked zones of tolerance is also strictly forbidden.

Be careful not to confuse the zone of accompaniment (several hundred metres before and after each refreshment post, limits of which are clearly marked) with the zone of assistance (the area of the refreshment post reserved for this use). One could state that in the accompaniment zone you may only be accompanied not assisted!

Meals & benefits
Accompanying person's page