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Disqualification of a runner from the 2015 UTMB®
20/07/2016 ; 16:42

The UTMB® organisation has today seen the list of recent infringements concerning the rules of anti-doping published by the IAAF and the penalties applied to the offenders. Gonzalo Calisto (Ecuador) is included in the list of athletes who are suspended, following a positive result of an anti-doping test which was carried out in Chamonix on August 29th 2015 at the finishing line of the UTMB®.

Consequently, Gonzalo Calisto (ranked 5th in the UTMB®) has been officially disqualified and has been instructed to return his trophy and finisher's jacket. The 2015 official results will be corrected as soon as possible on the UTMB® web-site. The trophies given to the top ten men were unique works of art, each runner placed from 5th  to 9th place will receive a new plaque, while the 10th runner will receive the trophy to which he is entitled.

At the same time, the organisation would like to remind you that to maintain the spirit of the event, and its authenticity, a health policy has been in place for the UTMB® since 2008. It includes, in particular, a preventive initiative  regarding health matters. This action is carried out in collaboration with Athletes for Transparency (since 2008) and  the ITRA (since 2014). This action has neither the vocation, nor the competence to be a substitute for current national and international regulations concerning the fight against doping but has the objective of reinforcing the medical supervision wished for by the Organisation  and it may allow for a better orientation of doping tests prompted by various anti-doping organizations.

Recognition of course by our environmental
18/07/2016 ; 11:37

Our 2 environmental referents, Manon Vassal et Elodie Gahon, began the routes reconnaissance.

The goal is to identify sensitive areas crossed by the races and to meet local actors (refuge keeper, herdsman ...). In total, over 300km to walk to cover the normal track and the alternative route, no matter the weather! Good luck to them!

Their mission is to achieve a study on the impact of the races as well as study the rubbish which is dropped, for this, year after year, minimizing the impact of races on nature.

In partnership with Université Savoie-Mont-Blanc & Asters, conservatoire d'espaces naturels de Haute-Savoie

11/07/2016 ; 19:34

Enter the #UTMB adventure!

Teaser UTMB® 2016 par UltraTrailMontBlanc

La Gitte rehabilitation project
04/07/2016 ; 20:16

The #UTMB Environment Committee is again on the trail for a new rehabilitation project!

This rehabilitation will aim to sustainably improve the path of the #TDS at "La Gitte" (Savoie, France), offering to hikers and trail runners a better path identified, limiting the proliferation of appendices trails.

A big thank you to our volunteers who are currently working on the track!! If you're in this area, don't hesitate to come and greet them!
In collaboration with the "Communité de Communes du Beaufortain", from 3rd to 5th July 2016

Mobility guide & reservation of bus
30/06/2016 ; 10:33

Dear accompanying persons & supporters,

The Mobility Guide and reservation of bus are online!

Declaration on honor, Race-bib & Transport
29/06/2016 ; 17:49

Dear trail-running friends,

You are registered for one of the UTMB® races.

We hope that your preparations are going as expected and that we will find you in good form on the starting line in just under two months from now.

This year, according to the race in which you are going to participate and the area in which you are lodging during the race week, you will be able to recuperate your race-bib from Chamonix, Courmayeur or Orsières and use, or not, the organisation's buses to take you to the start of your race.

To prepare the race-bibs and reserve places on the buses, we ask you to fill in a questionnaire before 25th July.

To access this questionnaire, connect to your runner's page, click on the red box "Declaration on honor, Race-bib & Transport" and follow the instructions until you have validated the module.

Beware : This step is obligatory and must be done before 25th July. We can not prepare your race-bib if you haven't filled in this form.

As from now, you can arrange your visit and your transfer from Geneva Airport to the Chamonix Mont-Blanc valley with our partner Mountain drop-offs: click here!


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