UTMB® an ecologically responsible event

Let's respect this great playground

Ultra-Trail® : l’environnement est une priorité! par UltraTrailMontBlanc


The Mont-Blanc Massif is actually a fragile natural environment to which we must pay great attention. To contribute to the protection of it, we are counting on the engagement of each person. We have the duty of doing all that we can to limit our impact to the minimum.

As the organiser, the UTMB® has developed numerous actions to protect the natural environment and to raise awareness amongst all the players. This is a collective action which involves the organisation, regional groups, runners and supporters, partners and volunteers( Ambassadors for the Environment).

We, ourselves, have formed a Commission for the Environment which guides the projects and we set ourselves ambitious environmental objectives. We are always looking for ways of progressing in this domain and incite everybody to adopt an ecologically responsible attitude.


Environmental commission
Environment race-bibs
15 engagements éco-responsables
Waste management

Limit our waste

Ressources management

A preference for the "Reusable"

Where ever possible, we shall serve the meals using washable crockery.

Preference for local resources

In a region where spring water abounds, we prefer to use, where ever possible, "tap water". It allows a saving of more than 8,000 plastic bottles and their transportation.

The food present at the refreshment posts is bought locally (cheese, cold meats) to avoid unnecessary transportation and to involve local producers.

Waste management

Waste sorting

At the exit of each refreshment post you will find rubbish bins with signs indicating "last rubbish bin before the next refreshment post". When in the villages, use the recycling bins placed there for your convenience whenever possible.

In collaboration with the association Aremacs : the association is providing three people throughout the week of the event. With the help of a well-developed plan and an electric tricycle, they will inform the players involved with the event and the general public about recycling, collect and remove the rubbish to the recycling containers = more than 60m3 of rubbish to be collected and sorted in Chamonix.

Individual beaker

To limit the use of disposable beakers we have insisted, since 2008, that each participant has their own beaker. This allows us to eliminate disposable beakers on 3/4 of the race route = around 100 000 fewer disposable beakers!

Sachet for soiled paper

No paper handkerchiefs, no soiled toilet paper along the race route. Each runner will receive, along with his race-bib, 3 plastic bags in which to transport their soiled tissues and toilet paper to the next rubbish-bin !

Worn batteries

Preferably use rechargeable batteries and if it is not possible, do not abandon your worn batteries: special containers will be at your disposal at the refreshment posts.


The results of our efforts

60m3 of waste collected and sorted in Chamonix
100 000 disposable beakers less
more than 3 700 rubbish collected in 2016 of which 25 kg of rubbish from all the race routes
25% of rubbish: soiled paper
55% non-organic food waste

Raising awareness
Natural areas