Courses and reconnaissance

Get yourselves ready for the UTMB®

Approved training courses to prepare you

* with UCPA:
  complete programme of introduction or training courses for trail runners

Several formulas :

  • Course "Préparation trail" : offers a good preparation for races in the mountains! (possible to participate without taking the accommodation)
  • Reconnaissance of the UTMB® races made to measure : upon request, we offer  reconnaissance for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® races: the CCC®, TDS® UTMB® or OCC. We can offer you a recce trip with a leader or simply the logistics to help you do it alone (reservation of accommodation, transportation of luggage).
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* with Vincent Delebarre

Thanks to the courses managed by Vincent Delebarre (2004 UTMB winner and high mountain guide), you will evolve on the race route of your choice, while profiting from the advice and experience of trail-running (in the mountains) specialists.

  • UTMB® course : The tour of the 'bump' in 4 stages at the rhythm of the race and respecting the time barriers. This block of training will give you the necessary for looping all long trail-races in the mountains.
  • TDS® course : This stage will take place over 3 days, with logistical support and assistance, as well as a convivial welcome to Chamonix the evening before.
  • CCC® course : The ½ tour of the 'bump' in 2 stages at the rhythm of the race and respecting the time barriers.
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Preparation with the family